Reeva Steenkamp’s Mother Breaks Silence on Oscar Pistorius’ Early Release, Alleges Lack of Remorse

June Steenkamp’s Response to Pistorius’ Release

June Steenkamp, the mother of late model Reeva Steenkamp, has publicly criticized Oscar Pistorius’ early release from prison, stating that he exhibited anger and failed to exhibit any remorse concerning the fatal shooting of her daughter.

Allegations of Lack of Truth and Remorse

In her first TV interview since Pistorius’ release, June expressed her dissatisfaction with Pistorius’ narrative, asserting that he never told the truth about the incident and displayed no remorse for his actions.

Reaction to Pistorius’ Freedom

June acknowledged Pistorius’ parole as an inevitability but emphasized that his release doesn’t alter the anguish and loss her family continues to endure, highlighting the irreplaceable void caused by her daughter’s absence.

History of Denial and Anger Issues

Despite Pistorius’ claims that the shooting was accidental, June reiterated her belief that he concealed the truth and noted his history of anger issues, detailing an alleged incident where he lost his temper after Reeva indicated she was leaving him.

Loss and Grief

June Steenkamp opened up about her extended grief, attributing her husband Barry’s demise to the unbearable loss of their daughter.

She expressed her belief that he couldn’t bear living without Reeva, indicating that her absence profoundly affected both their lives.

Critique of Pistorius’ Sentence and Story

June Steenkamp voiced her dissatisfaction with the judicial system, deeming Pistorius’ initial six-year sentence as insufficient for the magnitude of his actions.

She questioned Pistorius’ choice of lethal ammunition, emphasizing that it negates any possibility of innocence in the tragedy.

Skepticism Towards Pistorius’ Narrative

June disputed Pistorius’ version of events, hinting at a potentially fabricated story and suggesting that others might have aided in constructing his account of the incident, labeling it as inadequate and contrived.

Coping and Moving Forward

Despite the immense loss, June drew strength from her faith, supportive friends, and global messages of encouragement. She revealed her plans to find employment as a means to stay occupied and carry on with her life.

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