Rediscovering Romance: Emeli Sande’s Musical Rebirth in ‘How Were We To Know

Emeli Sande, known for her massive commercial success in the past, faced a period of decline in the years following her breakthrough.

However, with her latest album, “How Were We To Know,” the Scottish singer has made a notable comeback, showcasing a rejuvenated talent.

Navigating Challenges and Musical Evolution:

After her remarkable performance at the London Olympics and the success of her debut album, “Our Version Of Events,” Sande faced challenges, including shyness, over-exposure, and a painful divorce.

Despite releasing two underwhelming albums in 2016 and 2019, she found her footing again with last year’s “Let’s Say For Instance,” setting the stage for her current artistic resurgence.

Romantic Themes and Musical Diversity:

“How Were We To Know” marks a departure from the resilience-themed “Let’s Say For Instance,” embracing unabashedly romantic elements.

The album explores a range of musical genres, including dance, reggae, and gospel-tinged soul.

Sande’s songwriting prowess, honed through her earlier work for artists like Alesha Dixon and Professor Green, takes center stage.

Standout Tracks and Artistic Exploration:

The album features tracks like “All This Love,” delving into the theme of unrequited passion, and “My Boy Likes To Party,” a dance anthem addressing the challenges of dating a free-spirited individual.

Sande’s vocals shine in the dancehall reggae of “Lighthouse,” and her imaginative piano work is showcased in the gospel-infused “Love.”

Fresh Approaches and Powerful Performances:

Emeli Sande’s willingness to experiment is evident in “There For You,” a Whitney Houston-style power ballad featuring dynamic elements such as booming drums, a woozy sax solo, and 1980s-inspired synths.

While the sentiments may lean toward the schmaltzy, Sande’s stunning performance elevates the overall experience.

Upcoming Performance:

The album, released today, reflects Emeli Sande’s journey from setbacks to stardom.

Fans can catch her live at London’s Union Chapel on Tuesday, where she is expected to showcase the musical evolution demonstrated in “How Were We To Know.”

Emeli Sande’s latest album marks a significant artistic resurgence, highlighting her ability to navigate challenges and explore diverse musical landscapes.

The review emphasizes her return to form, shedding light on the evolution of her sound and the thematic richness of “How Were We To Know.”

Fans and critics alike can anticipate a noteworthy chapter in Sande’s musical journey.