Record-Breaking ‘Pandemic of Snow’ Buries Alaska’s Largest City, Breaking All-Time Snowfall Records

Record-Breaking ‘Pandemic of Snow’ Buries Alaska’s Largest City, Breaking All-Time Snowfall Records

Snowfall Surges: Anchorage on Track to Shatter All-Time Record with Over 100 Inches

Anchorage, Alaska, is grappling with a historic snowfall, surpassing 100 inches this winter, with the city well on its way to breaking the all-time record.

A recent three-day storm added almost 17 inches of snowfall, prompting officials to warn residents of potential roof collapses and urging them to clear snow from their properties.

Unprecedented Snow Levels: Alaska Faces 8th Snowiest Year as Residents Struggle with Snow-Covered Streets

Alaska-based climate scientist Brian Brettschneider highlighted the exceptional snow levels, declaring this season the 8th snowiest year, even with several weeks remaining.

The ongoing snowfall has resulted in a pandemic-era remote learning extension, widespread shoveling, and frustration among winter-savvy Anchorage residents.

Structural Concerns: Roofs Collapse under Heavy Snow Loads, Prompting Urgent Warnings

This winter has seen the roofs of three commercial structures collapse under the weight of heavy snow, raising alarms about the structural integrity of buildings in Anchorage.

City officials issued guidance advising residents to remove snow from their roofs, with concerns over loads exceeding 30 pounds per square foot.

Back-to-Back Snowy Years: Anchorage Residents Fed Up as City Experiences 100-Plus Inches Again

Anchorage residents, already dealing with the aftermath of last year’s 107.9 inches of snow, now face a second consecutive year of 100-plus inches.

Even winter-savvy residents expressed frustration with constant snowfall, pandemic-era remote learning, and the challenges of navigating snow-filled streets and sidewalks.

Statewide Snow Woes: Juneau Nears Monthly Snowfall Record, Governor’s Speech Delayed by Wind Storm

Beyond Anchorage, other Alaskan cities are grappling with near-record snowfalls.

The capital city of Juneau recorded 69.5 inches so far this month, potentially nearing the monthly record set in 2009.

However, a different kind of storm, featuring wind gusts of 105 mph, disrupted Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy’s annual address in Juneau.