Rebekah Vardy Dismisses Wagatha Christie Trial, Claims Knowledge of Truth Amidst Festive Revelry

Rebekah Vardy’s Disregard for Wagatha Christie Trial

Rebekah Vardy, amidst her reflections in The Spectator, has declared her disinterest in the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial, indicating that she’s moved on from the highly publicized feud with Coleen Rooney.

Despite the 2019 High Court ruling in Coleen’s favor that resulted in a substantial court fee for Rebekah, she asserted her confidence in knowing the truth.

Holiday Plans and Family Time

Sharing her holiday plans, Rebekah divulged that she doesn’t intend to splurge on presents but rather focuses on elaborate decorations, emphasizing the value of spending time with family during Christmas.

Coleen Rooney’s Reflection on the Trial

Coleen Rooney, on BBC Breakfast, reflected on the emotionally taxing nature of the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial, describing it as stressful and daunting due to the unfamiliarity of the courtroom setting.

She expressed her mixed emotions upon receiving the judgment, feeling both numb and appreciative of the subsequent support.

Coleen’s Book and Intentions

In her new autobiography, ‘My Account Coleen Rooney,’ she offers her perspective on the Wagatha Christie trial and narrates her life journey, aiming to present a more personal understanding of herself beyond media portrayals.

Coleen expressed confidence in sharing intimate details, believing it’s an opportunity for readers to know her better.

Closing Remarks

Both Rebekah and Coleen have offered their perspectives post-trial, with Rebekah opting to move forward and Coleen choosing to share her story in her newly released book, aiming to offer a deeper understanding of her life beyond the media’s portrayal.

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