Ray Winstone Reflects on Epic Four-Day Recovery After Daughter Jaime’s Unforgettable Sicilian Wedding Bash

Ray Winstone Reflects on Epic Four-Day Recovery After Daughter Jaime’s Unforgettable Sicilian Wedding Bash

Renowned actor Ray Winstone reveals that it took him an impressive four days to recover from the raucous reception that followed his daughter Jaime’s wedding in Sicily last year.

The 67-year-old actor, best known for his tough-guy image, proudly walked Jaime down the aisle as she married her partner James Suckling, describing it as the “best wedding he had been to.”

Emotional Walk Down the Aisle: Ray’s Softer Side Revealed

Ray Winstone, typically known for his screen roles as a Cockney bruiser, showcased a rarely seen softer side as he walked his 38-year-old daughter Jaime down the aisle.

Video footage shared on Instagram captured the emotional moment when Ray, close to tears, led the bride through a gauntlet of applauding guests.

Jaime, adorned in a lace bridal gown, looked radiant as she walked alongside her father, holding a floral bouquet. Ray, dressed in a lilac suit, presented a dapper figure despite his tough on-screen persona.

Sicilian Splendor: The Lavish Wedding Setting

The ceremony took place at La Tonnara di Scopello, a historic tuna fishery dating back to the 13th century.

The picturesque setting added to the grandeur of the celebration, witnessed by 250 close friends and family members.

Grandparenthood and Joy: Ray Winstone on Family Bliss

Ray, now a grandfather to Jaime and James’ son Raymond, born in 2016, expressed the unparalleled joy of being a grandparent.

Reflecting on his role, he shared, “It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. It’s like seeing your kids grow up again.”

Reconciliation and Excitement: Ray Winstone’s Return in ‘The Gentleman’

Ray Winstone appeared on the show to discuss his upcoming role in ‘The Gentleman,’ set in the same world as the Guy Ritchie film of the same name.

Despite a well-known fallout with the director in the past, they reconciled and collaborated on this project.

Ray expressed his admiration for Ritchie’s filmmaking skills and emphasized how they buried the hatchet, allowing them to work together again.

Looking back at his career, Ray shared anecdotes about being expelled from drama school and his journey into the industry.

The Jonathan Ross Show: A Grown-Up Conversation

Ray Winstone’s interview on The Jonathan Ross Show delves into personal and professional aspects of his life, offering viewers insights into his family, career, and the dynamics of working in the film industry.

The show streams on Saturday at 21:35 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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