Rattled Tories Urge Tax Cuts, but Is It Too Late for Economic Promises?

TAX SAVINGS! Lower taxes!” parroted terrified Tory voters who had deserted their party in Tamworth and Mid Beds because to the by-election.

Disgruntled Members of Parliament maintain that in order to give Rishi Sunak’s party a chance in the general election, he must cut stamp duty or inheritance tax.

As the battle in the Middle East heats up, we need greater defence.

It’s too late, guys.

Events have taken precedence over you.

Do you not know that a brutal conflict is raging?

We won’t be discussing tax breaks or new home construction by the time of the next election, or even this week.

We will discuss the crushing of despicable Hamas killers in Gaza by Israeli tanks.

The sole democracy in the Middle East, where regimes detesting both gay men and women, will be fighting for its survival against one another.

However, its forceful display will unavoidably create the terrible possibility of a far larger war.

It’s time for Conservatives to recall that protecting the nation is the primary responsibility of the state.

And that might be the vote-winner instead of tax cuts.

The West has been caught off guard.

The alleged “peace dividend” that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was wasted on us.

Despite evidence that Russia, China, and Iran represent the greatest threat to international security since the end of the last world war, we let our guard down.

We need to spend whatever remaining funds in the cash-strapped Treasury immediately to prevent what appears to be the next financial crisis.

Modern combat aircraft are required on the vacant decks of HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, the two aircraft carriers that are notorious for mishaps in the United Kingdom.

Submarines and helicopters are essential.

Above all, we must continue to enlist and prepare soldiers for our ageing armed forces.

Unsettlingly, Vladimir Putin, the head of the Kremlin, is rubbing his hands over Ukraine while China evaluates Joe Biden’s flagging leadership of the free world.

All of this is happening while the Middle East heats up.

Alert for terror

All of this was anticipated by former Tory defence secretary Ben Wallace, who was the first to foresee Russia’s invasion.

He declared in May that “the world will be a more dangerous, unstable place by the end of the decade and defence will be more critical to our lives.”

The globe is witnessing the conclusion of an atypical era of tranquilly.

I believe that a global confrontation involving a variety of foes is imminent.

“Everyone needs to be ready for it.”

Britain has rightly pledged to support Israel’s victory and affirmed its right to self-defense.

That means that if it gets out of control, we will be the first people to take revenge.

We cannot overlook the threat posed by domestic assassins.

Following a number of occurrences over the weekend, security agencies prepared to up the terror warning to its highest level last night.

100,000 pro-Palestinian flag wavers participated in “mainly peaceful” marches that showed disturbing support for eradicating Israel from the face of the planet in addition to their compassion for the beleaguered inhabitants of Gaza.

This past weekend, a London Tube train packed with demonstrators was almost taken over by the driver, who incited the crowd to cry “Free, free Palestine,” leaving passengers afraid.

For the first time in several months, train managers are admonishing passengers to keep an eye out for misplaced bags.

“Deeply divided”

Jews do not feel safe walking the streets for the first time in their history.

Tensions around Europe have been heightened by random stabbings and shootings in Arras and Brussels.

vivacious French Rather than provoke his Muslim constituents, President Emmanuel Macron has remained silent.

Some Labour MPs and community leaders have taken a strong stance against Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for his willingness to support Israel in its fight against Hamas.

Photographs of protesters yelling “Labour Party blood on your hands” outside Labour headquarters have surfaced.

Many people have pleasant memories of former leader Jeremy Corbyn’s “friendship” with Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as Starmer’s loyalty to Corbyn in spite of his extreme anti-Semitism.

Labour is extremely divided, a perceptive Tory commentator notes.

Many people think that the Palestinians’ needs have not been satisfied.

This is how most Labour backbenchers feel.

“This is not a minority; it goes well beyond Corbyn.”

It is not only morally right to fortify our defences during these trying times.

It is a cornerstone of Tory doctrine.

In contrast, Keir Starmer will have a difficult time selling his peacenik Labour Party in the lead-up to a general election.

really courageous, Assist.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule next month against sending undocumented migrants to Rwanda, RISHI SUNAK has been advised.

The unelected European Court in Strasbourg would unavoidably reverse any attempt to challenge such a decision.

Thus, the prime minister’s only remaining choice is to reject the European Convention on Human Rights, stand up for the will of the majority of people, and defy domestic and international judges.

As the legendary mandarin Sir Humphrey Appleby could respond, “Prime Minister, that would be very brave.”

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