Raquel Leviss won’t be Returning to Vanderpump

Raquel Leviss won’t be Returning to Vanderpump

Raquel Leviss is “NOT returning” to Vanderpump, as she asserts that Tom Sandoval was “rewarded” for the controversy involving adultery.

The network is now disputing Raquel Leviss’ claims that Tom Sandoval was “rewarded” by Bravo for his participation in their infidelity scandal.

The 28-year-old Vanderpump Rules star elaborated on the fallout from “Scandoval” this week on Bethenny Frankel’s Just B podcast.

She claimed that by ‘boycotting’ the rest of the shoot, her ex-boyfriend Tom, 40, had been able to secure ‘editing rights’ to a scene they had previously shot together.

Additionally, Raquel claimed that Bravo had given Tom a producer credit for season 11 and implied that the relationship may have been “fabricated” to increase viewership.”

Tom Sandoval was never offered a producer credit on Season 11 and had absolutely no creative control over editing during any season of Vanderpump Rules,” the network retorted in a statement to ET.

Raquel was given the opportunity to make her shocking assertions when Bethenny asked her whether Tom was engaged in the show’s production during the interview.

Since Tom “has been on the series from day one, season one,” even though “he’s not technically a producer,” she seemed to imply that he may have had some impact.

He did tell me that during talks for season 11, he was offered a producer credit, but I’m not sure whether I’m even allowed to divulge this information, she claimed.

“I believe he was getting paid for the Scandoval of it all, and to me, that’s just kind of gross because it seems, it makes me skeptical,” the speaker said.

Was this really just something that was made up to achieve this goal? Raquel also made a suggestion that she wouldn’t be joining Vanderpump Rules for season 11, which is now in production, during the tell-all.

Raquel, who now goes by the name Rachel, had reportedly ‘decided against’ starring in the upcoming season, according to an ET story on Thursday.

According to the insider, the actress was worried that a potential comeback would negatively affect all the strides she has made in the past year to improve her mental health.

‘Rachel won’t be coming back for Vanderpump Rules season 11′.

She may have planned to return for the next season before lately, but she ultimately changed her mind,’ an insider informed the site.

“Rachel is concentrating on her mental health journey and was aware that returning to the show would expose her to trauma she has been working to overcome.”

What the future has in store for Rachel excites her.Raquel’s year has been turbulent as a result of her involvement in one of the largest reality television scandals.

Tom’s nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix came to an end when it was revealed in March that Raquel had been having an affair with his co-star.

I feel like I’ve been painted as the worst possible bad guy.

She said to Bethenny, “My mistakes that I’ve made on camera live on forever.’

And you mentioned something about the addiction of watching reality TV and how they always hold out the carrot, saying, ‘Well, you need to tell your side of the story else it’s gonna be written for you,”””And it is dreadful.

I nearly turned around because of that, I know.

She did not elaborate on what she meant when she said she “almost went back,” but the celebrity has stayed in her native Arizona, where season 11 of the hugely successful Bravo reality series has been in production since late June.

Smiling After recently entering a mental health facility after incurring the wrath of her co-stars during the show’s three-part reunion that filmed in March, Rachel appeared well and in good spirits.

She apparently left the facility in the middle of July and is now staying with family in Arizona.

The Bravo star revealed to Bethenny why she made the decision to withdraw from the spotlight, saying: “It’s been a whirlwind, it’s been chaos.”

But I’ve taken some private time to consider what I did and tried to make sense of it.

And I’ve finally reached a point where I can understand it.

It was simply so crazy and loud, and there was so much hate on the internet, that I needed to spend some time away.

The reality star continued by saying that she made the decision to check into a rehab center in an effort to “understand my behaviors.”

But she added: “But then the other part of the reason why I wanted to go to a treatment facility was to understand my behaviors and my goal was to really get down to why I’m choosing men who aren’t available, why do I keep finding myself in unhealthy relationships, what are the things that I need to change about my behavior.”

And before I could change, I had to understand the triggers for those actions. After seeing the Scandoval response, Bethenny said she felt bad for Rachel because she thought her life was being “exploited” without paying for it.

“The backlash seemed disproportionate to me,” the former RHONY star said.

I was hearing about this Scandoval, which had a name, was being advertised, and it was being fed via the PR machine, as I viewed videos on social media.

And I did say, “Everybody’s gonna be more well known than they were before because of this.”

They’re on a reality program, I thought.

I believe it is situated in a bar.

Alcohol, parties, and numerous affairs fuel it.

What the hell is the big deal that everyone is talking about, please? … And I used your name as an example of someone I considered to have been taken advantage of.

And that stuff will be accessible to you without charge for the rest of your life.

Rachel expressed her gratitude by saying, “It’s good to have you verify that experience because for a moment I thought I was going insane.

And it’s true that reality TV is edited and manufactured to follow a particular plot.

Thus, not all of it is true.It’s simple to become engrossed in that as a viewer tuning in.

The idea of having an affair then really hits home for many people.

I believe there was a lot of projection going on and a lot of emotions that people experienced, and I regrettably became the target for a lot of that.

The TV actress continued: “I do want to take a moment though to just acknowledge the hurt that I brought to a lot of people.

I do understand why there was so much anger from both my co-stars and viewers.”

I acted carelessly and did not consider the long term. I was totally consumed by my sadness and my desire to fulfill certain desires.

Looking back, she admitted that she could now see that she was still recovering from a romance with a person she had thought she was going to marry.

Having said that, I still haven’t recovered.

Then Rachel acknowledged that she had been using alcohol to attempt to get through the difficult times, though she insisted that this was not the greatest approach.

“I was drinking a lot while I was filming to get rid of that anxiety, and in a reality TV setting, I wasn’t getting that safe space for me to express my emotions in a healthy way.”

Rachel agreed with Bethenny when she said that viewers — and Bravo producer Andy Cohen — didn’t truly comprehend what it’s like to be involved in a major reality TV scandal that keeps creating improbable circumstances.

When given the chance to explain her side of the tale, the reality star could be heard sighing audibly.

She said to Bethenny, “I feel like I have this opportunity to share how much I’ve grown, and how hard I’m trying to be a better person.”

The person I caught watching back on my TV is wholly uncharacteristic of who I actually am.

All I could ever ask for, in my opinion, is to have this chance to portray myself in a way that I believe is authentic to who I am.

As she explained, “I changed my name to Raquel in first grade because there were a few other Rachels in my class and I wanted to be special.”

I also had a feeling that, deep down, I want to be someone better in my eyes and didn’t feel at ease in my own skin.

However, she acknowledged that her family had never ceased calling her “Rachel.”

She added that changing her name has allowed her to “be that person.”

According to Rachel’s therapist, being called Raquel had caused her to put up a wall even though she was Rachel “to her core.”

The celebrity claimed that her ongoing issues with “social anxiety” and being judged by others may have contributed to the development of this character.

She added that in an effort to reconnect with her roots, she is now introducing herself by her real name.

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