Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day at Randle General Hospital

Highlighting the Role of Physiotherapy

On Friday, the Physiotherapy Department of Randle General Hospital joined the global healthcare community in commemorating World Physiotherapy Day. This annual event is dedicated to raising awareness among the public about the significance of physiotherapy and its vital role in healthcare delivery.

A Message from the Medical Director

Dr. Olumide Sojinrin, the Medical Director of Randle General Hospital, addressed the gathering during the event. He emphasized the global importance of World Physiotherapy Day as a platform to recognize and celebrate the contributions of physiotherapy to the health sector. Dr. Sojinrin stressed the essential role of physiotherapists in restorative medicine, highlighting their expertise in assisting patients in regaining mobility and function following injuries or surgeries. He also underlined their involvement in managing chronic pain conditions.

Advocating for Increased Recognition

Dr. Sojinrin expressed his belief that physiotherapy as a profession had been undervalued for a significant period. He called for greater awareness and recognition of the profession, asserting that physiotherapists deserve more attention for their valuable work. He encouraged physiotherapy practitioners in the state to unite and advocate collectively to ensure their efforts are well-coordinated and appreciated.

Community Engagement

In addition to the event at the hospital, the dedicated staff of the Physiotherapy Department took their celebration to the local community. They engaged in distributing informative flyers and educating the public about the significance of World Physiotherapy Day. This community outreach aimed to spread awareness and knowledge about the vital role played by physiotherapists in healthcare.

World Physiotherapy Day serves as a reminder of the indispensable contributions of physiotherapy professionals in improving the lives of patients and enhancing healthcare outcomes. The celebration at Randle General Hospital underscored the need for continued recognition and support for the field of physiotherapy.