Muhsin Ertugral Unlocks Thabo Rakhale’s Magic – A Coach Who Let Him Shine

Muhsin Ertugral Unlocks Thabo Rakhale’s Magic – A Coach Who Let Him Shine

Thabo Rakhale, known as ‘Jomo,’ remains an iconic figure in the history of Orlando Pirates, captivating fans with his mesmerizing dribbling skills and flamboyant style of play from 2014 to 2017.

Renowned for his Kasi flair, Rakhale left an indelible mark with signature moves like shibobos, nutmegs, and lightning-fast turns that often left opponents in awe.

Coaching Dynamics: Navigating Playing Styles

While Rakhale’s style delighted fans, it wasn’t universally embraced by all coaches.

However, amid the varying opinions, there was one mentor who played a pivotal role in nurturing and unleashing Rakhale’s talents – Muhsin Ertugral, the former Orlando Pirates coach.

Unlocking Potential: Muhsin Ertugral’s Influence

In an illuminating interview with FARPost, Rakhale shared insights into his playing experience under Muhsin Ertugral.

The 2016/17 season proved transformative for the attacker, marked by personal and professional highs.

Ertugral’s coaching philosophy allowed Rakhale the freedom to express himself on the field, a liberty he cherished.

The Ertugral Impact: Honest and Straightforward Coaching

Rakhale highlighted Ertugral’s honesty and straightforward coaching style, emphasizing the importance of being a good listener to thrive under his guidance.

The coach provided Rakhale with a platform to play to his strengths, encouraging him to showcase his unique style for the benefit of the team.

Expressions of Gratitude: Rakhale Reflects

Expressing his gratitude, Rakhale acknowledged that initially, he had reservations about their compatibility, considering past experiences with European coaches.

However, Ertugral’s approach was a pleasant surprise, and Rakhale enjoyed the freedom to play his natural game.

He expressed a desire for a more extended collaboration, believing it could have propelled him to greater heights.

Beyond Pirates: Rakhale’s Football Odyssey

Post his time at Orlando Pirates, Rakhale embarked on a football journey that included stints with various clubs like Polokwane City FC, Marumo Gallants, Chippa United, and Sekhukhune United.

His resilience and skill earned him a spot with Township Rollers in Botswana, where he currently enjoys playing after a challenging period without a team.

As Clifton Mabasa encapsulates Rakhale’s journey, the dribbling maestro’s story continues.

From the highs under Ertugral to navigating the challenges of finding a team, Rakhale’s passion for the game endures, now flourishing in Botswana with Township Rollers.

Thabo Rakhale’s narrative is a testament to the influential role coaches play in shaping players’ careers.

Ertugral’s impact goes beyond the tactical; it reflects the significance of understanding and nurturing individual playing styles within the team dynamic.

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