Rainbow kiss: Should you do it or not?

Rainbow kiss: Should you do it or not?

With millions of views and tags on the #rainbowkiss on social media, this is what you need to know about rainbow kiss.

Many relationships have third parties because one of the partners think something the other wants is too gross or irrritating to practise, leaving a loophole in the relationship.

First thing we will recommend is if you ever decide to try it out, involve yourself in a rainbow kiss with a partner you trust, like your wife or engaged partner. Because of its “dirty” nature, you probably shouldn’t practice rainbow kiss with just any body.

Rainbow kiss is also not for homosexuals. Sorry but the whole essence of “rainbow” kiss cannot be achieved with same sex intimacies. You simply can’t mix colors.

A rainbow kiss is a kiss between a female and a male partner while she is menstruating (on her period).

It occurs when a couple gets intimate during the woman’s monthly cycle.

While the term “kiss” immediately suggests the whole drama happens in the mouth, it doesn’t have to be. In order not to get too “out of the ordinary”, which may turn off some partners, it can also happen down below.

This is because the term rainbow indicates a mixture of color, and in this case the woman’s blood and sperm. So don’t think the details you are about to read below must be followed to the letters.

Anyways, usual rainbow kiss occurs while in the 69 position, where the couple performs a blow job.

The couple kisses after the male ejaculates in the woman’s mouth, mingling the menstrual blood with the semen.

You are probably saying eww right now in your mind but like it or not, thats the new trend. People do it.

Many couples stay away during the female partners’ period and that may lead to infidelity.

Rainbow kiss can help keep the connection and save the relationship.

But before you take it as a sole answer to your problems, the sexual act also poses some health risks. Semen and period blood can carry lots of different infectious particles, such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis. So like we recommended earlier, if you are unsure of your partner’s STD status, you should not be sharing rainbow kisses.

A medical doctor condemns the practice totally as unsafe for your health.

Some reports suggest that a rainbow kiss is a happy accident that occurs when a woman coincidentally gets her period while her partner is performing cunnilingus.

However, in order to achieve that all-important “rainbow kiss” shade, a little planning goes a long way.

Both partners have to be ready and willing to hold the respective blood and semen in their mouths after performing oral sex, in preparation for that magical kiss.

So in conclusion, we still can’t tell you if you should do it or not. Doctors say don’t. But then, its your life.


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