Rachel Riley Reflects on Unexpected Fame After Prince George Wears Her Designs in Australia and New Zealand

Rachel Riley Reflects on Unexpected Fame After Prince George Wears Her Designs in Australia and New Zealand

When Rachel Riley first saw nine-month-old Prince George wearing her Sailboat Smocked Dungarees, she couldn’t have predicted the fame that would follow.

Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand

In 2014, during a three-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, Prince George wore four outfits from Rachel Riley’s brand, capturing the world’s attention.

A Momentous Occasion

Recalling this pivotal moment, Rachel told MailOnline: “It was thrilling to see Prince George looking adorable in our outfits on the front page of every newspaper. The press called him ‘Gorgeous George’ and ‘Prince Charming!'”

Global Recognition Through Royal Endorsement

Fast forward ten years, and George’s younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, have worn Rachel’s brand numerous times, earning her global recognition.

Princess Charlotte’s Popular Dress

Charlotte’s sixth birthday dress, featuring pink and navy tones with contrasting ric-rac, buttons, and bloomers, became an instant hit. The £79 dress sold out within 12 hours, becoming the fastest-selling item in the brand’s history.

The ‘George Effect’

The company, a team of 20, first experienced the ‘George effect’ when his debut outfit sold out almost instantly. Fortunately, they managed to place the dungarees on backorder, avoiding disappointment among shoppers.

Rachel Riley’s Design Philosophy

Rachel Riley founded her label in 1998, designing all her pieces in the UK. She draws inspiration from 50s and 60s fashion, creating heirloom keepsakes that can be passed down through generations.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Rachel takes pride in traditional craftsmanship techniques such as hand embroidery, smocking, and intarsia, using the finest fabrics and yarns to ensure her young customers look and feel their best.

Attracting Royal Attention

The vintage-inspired aesthetic of Rachel’s designs likely attracted the Prince and Princess of Wales. Over the years, William and Catherine have dressed their children in various traditional garments from Rachel Riley.

Memorable Outfits for Royal Children

Prince George often wears striped polo shirts and shorts, while Charlotte favors ditsy floral tea dresses. One notable outfit was the red and white Smocked Set George wore for Charlotte’s christening, reminiscent of an outfit his father wore over thirty years earlier.

Princess Charlotte’s Signature Style

Princess Charlotte has been seen in at least five Rachel Riley designs on significant occasions, including her sixth birthday portrait and the Easter Sunday church service in 2023. These dresses, featuring a classic collar, button-front, and flared skirt, predominantly in blue, point to Charlotte’s favorite color.

Enduring Designs

Rachel Riley explained, “Princess Charlotte loves our button-front dress style, which was the first item I designed when I started my company 30 years ago. It’s wonderful to see our timeless dresses enjoyed across the years.”

The Brand’s Continued Success

With rising demand, Rachel and her team quickly organized a pre-order system. Their blend of timeless style, comfort, and practicality continues to be a winning formula for the Wales children during official engagements.

Prince Louis Follows in Stylish Footsteps

Prince Louis, who recently turned six, has also worn Rachel Riley’s designs, including a polo shirt for the family Christmas card in 2021 and tailored shorts last year.

Royal Endorsement’s Impact

Ms. Riley expressed her joy in seeing Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis wearing her clothes for both formal and casual occasions. “Each milestone in a child’s life brings such pride and joy,” she said.

Growing Up in Style

Rachel Riley’s brand caters to newborns and children up to the age of 14. As George, Charlotte, and Louis grow, they will eventually outgrow the brand’s designs. However, Rachel views growth as a positive development.

Designing for All Ages

Rachel explained, “Childhood is ever-evolving. We design clothing that adapts as children grow, from babysuits to dungarees, shirt and short sets, and cute dresses. For pre-teens, we offer shift dresses and top and skirt sets for girls, and trousers, shirts, and jackets for boys.”

Royal Family’s Continued Support

Other royal family members, such as Lady Louise Windsor and Isla and Savannah Phillips, have also worn Rachel Riley’s designs. Rachel appreciates the royal family’s support and the broader popularity their purchases bring to her brand.

Honored by Royal Endorsement

Rachel said, “It’s an honor to see the royal children in my clothing. They always look happy, comfortable, and smart. My team and I are thrilled each time it makes headline news. I’m proud to see all our customers wearing our outfits and the joy it brings them in their photos.”