R. Kelly Mounts Defense Against $10.5 Million Judgment, Alleges Lack of Awareness and Legal Overwhelm Amidst Imprisonment


R. Kelly, the incarcerated RnB singer, is pushing back against a $10.5 million judgment in favor of six women who accused him and his former manager, Donnell Russell, of orchestrating a scheme to disrupt a December 2018 NYC screening of the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docuseries with a mass shooting threat.

Background of the Judgment:

The judgment, awarded in August, stemmed from the lawsuit filed by the six women, who claimed that Kelly and Russell were behind the effort to shut down the screening.

They were seeking accountability for the alleged threat and subsequent victimization.

Kelly’s Unawareness Defense:

In response to the judgment, R. Kelly expressed his surprise, stating that he would have defended himself if he had been aware of the lawsuit.

From his prison cell in North Carolina, Kelly cited the overwhelming nature of his various criminal cases and legal battles, claiming difficulty in keeping track of the numerous lawsuits filed against him.

Legal Chaos and Oversight:

The singer asserted that he has changed legal teams since his imprisonment, suggesting that the lawsuit may have slipped through the cracks or not been properly delivered to him in prison.

Kelly emphasized the challenges of comprehending legal documents, asserting that he relies on his lawyers to explain matters due to his limited reading ability.

Disassociation from Manager’s Actions:

R. Kelly distanced himself from the alleged actions of his former manager, Donnell Russell, claiming ignorance of Russell’s attempts to halt the ‘Surviving’ screening.

He stated that he never instructed Russell to take such actions and, if threats were made, Russell acted independently for his own reasons.


As R. Kelly continues to navigate a complex legal landscape from his prison cell, the battle against the $10.5 million judgment unfolds, with the singer asserting legal oversight, lack of awareness, and disassociation from the actions of his former manager.

The case adds another layer of complexity to Kelly’s ongoing legal troubles.

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