Queen Mathilde of Belgium Radiates Joy during Ivory Coast Visit as UN Ambassador for Sustainable Development

Queen Mathilde of Belgium, serving as the ambassador for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, brought smiles and positivity during her ongoing visit to the Ivory Coast.

The royal, celebrating her 51st birthday in January, exuded happiness and relaxation as she engaged in various activities, including beach photoshoots, meetings with locals in Grand-Lahou, and a boat trip through the mangroves.

Sustainable Development Exchange: Queen Mathilde’s Mission in Ivory Coast

The royal’s visit, spanning from March 3 to March 6, aimed at fostering experiences in the realm of sustainable development with Ivorian partners.

Queen Mathilde showcased her vibrant spirit, donning a multicolored dress by French brand BA&SH, complemented by pale pink loafers and a stylish straw hat.

Her itinerary included a visit to the coastal town of Grand-Lahou and the renowned cemetery in Dabou, located approximately 100 kilometers west of Abidjan, the country’s largest city and economic capital.

Local Connections and Cultural Gestures: Queen Mathilde’s Interactions

Sporting black and gold sunglasses and a raffia tote bag, Queen Mathilde embraced her interactions with locals, even receiving a traditional dress made of gold-patterned fabric.

Accompanied by the Belgian ambassador to the Ivory Coast, Carole van Eyll, the queen shared moments with the local fishing communities, acknowledging the challenges posed by rising sea levels.

Both Queen Mathilde and Carole appeared joyful as they gathered around a sizable fish, symbolizing the vibrant local life.

Mangrove Adventure: Queen Mathilde in a Fluorescent Orange Life Jacket

In a symbolic gesture, Queen Mathilde, adorned in a fluorescent orange life jacket, embarked on a boat trip through the mangroves.

Earlier in her visit, she visited the Mamie Faitai Kindergarten in Yopougon, Abidjan, showcasing her commitment to sustainable initiatives.

The kindergarten, constructed with plastic bricks from Conceptos Plasticos, aligns with the queen’s dedication to turning plastic into building materials.

Stylish Royal Portrait: Queen Mathilde’s 51st Birthday Celebration

Reflecting her grace and elegance, Queen Mathilde celebrated her 51st birthday with two stunning portraits released by the Belgian royal family.

Captured at the Domaine Royal de Laeken in Brussels, the official residence, the queen exhibited her stylish choices.

She paired a £120 ‘Maree’ Dobby quilted bodywarmer with chocolate-colored corduroy trousers and adorned herself with £55 resin ‘Gabrielle’ earrings from Sezanne. The birthday portraits highlighted the queen’s natural makeup look and radiant smile.

Fashionable Display and Instagram Celebrations: Queen Mathilde’s Birthday Moments

Queen Mathilde’s birthday portraits showcased her in a £120 quilted bodywarmer from Baleno Clothing Europe and stylish accessories.

The Belgian royal family took to Instagram to extend birthday wishes, sharing the queen’s joyful expressions captured in the gardens of the Royal Domain in front of the Japanese tower in Laeken, Brussels.

Continued Elegance: Queen Mathilde’s Timeless Pose in Royal Gardens

The second portrait depicted Queen Mathilde in a full-length shot, casually posing with one hand tucked into her pockets.

The elegant composition highlighted the queen’s timeless grace and poise, emphasizing her significance in the Belgian royal family.

The Instagram post celebrated the queen’s 51st birthday, garnering admiration for her stylish and sophisticated appearance.*