Publisher of Mirror newspaper admits to unlawful information gathering

Publisher of Mirror newspaper admits to unlawful information gathering

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) has admitted to instances of unlawful information gathering (UIG) related to a legal challenge from Prince Harry and other individuals.


Court documents submitted in London as part of the legal proceedings revealed that MGN apologises “unreservedly” for its actions and said it was evidence that warranted compensation.

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However, MGN denies allegations of voicemail interception in the cases under examination during the trial.

Andrew Green KC, representing the publisher, said some claims brought had exceeded a legal time limit, and that there was evidence of the instruction of third parties to engage in other forms of UIG in relation to each of the claimants except Michael Turner.

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Green apologised for the UIG and assured the claimants that such conduct would never be repeated.

However, he made clear that the apology was not a tactical move to reduce any damages.

While it would not have that effect, the apology had been issued because “such conduct should never have occurred”.


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