Pro-Palestinian Protesters March Through Wall Street, Accuse Biden of Supporting ‘Genocide’

Pro-Palestinian Protesters March Through Wall Street, Accuse Biden of Supporting ‘Genocide’

On Thursday, up to 3,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through Wall Street.

A few anti-Israel protestors set fire to Stars and Stripes and Star of David banners.

Protesters projected statements like “Palestine will never die” and “Gaza, Gaza, you will rise” onto City Hall.

Following a demonstration by thousands of protestors from Wall Street, where they accused Biden of “genocide” for supporting the Jewish state, anti-Israel extremists set fire to Stars and Stripes outside City Hall in New York City.

Two weeks had passed since the heinous terrorist attack that left over 1,400 Israelis dead, the most of them civilians, when the despicable rally took place.

Near 5.30 p.m., an estimated 3,000 protestors began to assemble near Wall Street in the financial area of New York City, yelling “Eric Adams, you can’t hide, you support genocide” and “genocide Joe has got to go.”

As they arrived at Foley Square, a group of irate anti-Israel demonstrators began to scream songs in favour of Gaza and Palestine while setting fire to Star of David and Stars and Stripes flags.

‘F**k the IDF’ and ‘free Palestine’ were also written in graffiti.

Earlier that evening, the demonstrators projected slogans such as ‘Palestine will never die’ and ‘Gaza, Gaza, you will rise’ onto City Hall before intensifying their protest.

At what they called the “Flood Wall Street for Gaza” rally on Thursday afternoon, demonstrators adorned in flags, sporting ‘Free Palestine’ shirts and Arab headscarves, marched through the Financial District while chanting, “We will free Palestine, and Palestine will be free.”

The demonstrators said that American producers of weapons are to blame for the “bombs being dropped on Gaza” and that they are making money off of the “genocide of the Palestinian people” that is still going on.

The event was organised by the Palestinian-led organisation ‘Within Our Lifetime,’ which has been pushing for the cause since 2015.

Among the American corporations that the organisers believe are producing the bombs being dropped in Gaza are Woodward, Raytheon Technologies, and Boeing, as highlighted in one of the leaflets.

Tensions in the area have increased even after Hamas launched its catastrophic attack two weeks ago.

At 3:30 p.m., the group began handing out stickers and sheets.

At 4 p.m., they began a “teach-in,” and at 5:30 p.m., the rally officially got underway.

One protester told CBS, “I am a Muslim, and I support my Palestinian brothers and everything that’s going on in the world right now.”

“The reason why people are fighting—do you think these people are crazy?” questioned a different protestor.

There’s a reason why these folks are the way they are.

These are the lives that the Palestinian people have been living every day for the past 75 years because of an occurrence that occurred on October 7th, for a reason.

‘How many kids did you kill today?’ they cried out in a passionate manner during the event.

‘Safety issues’ have led the NYPD to restrict a neighbouring access to the Broad Street tube station near the protest.

As of yet, no injuries have been recorded.

On the same day as hundreds of NYU students and faculty members demonstrated as part of a countrywide pro-Palestinian walkout, a group in favour of Israel convened at Washington Square Park.

The demonstrators are visible waving Israeli flags and mingling with onlookers.

The day before, there were scores of Generation Z demonstrators in Washington Square Park, wearing kaffiyehs and waving pride flags as they called for the “divestment” of Israel’s “genocidal regime” and “freedom for Palestine.”

Some more hostile children were among them, one of them a young woman holding up a pink banner with the words ‘Keep the world clean’ and an image of the Star of David inside a garbage can.

This is the most recent demonstration, as hundreds of people have taken to the streets in Bangladesh, South Korea, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Some of them are waving posters that read “Death to Israel” and “USA go to hell,” and others are burning American, British, and Israeli flags.

A little over a week ago, around 150 pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered on the steps of the New York City Public Library and marched towards Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Midtown office in New York City, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Protesters demanded that the US cut off help to Israel, which is defending itself against Hamas terrorists who have taken over 200 hostages since their heinous October 7 massacre that claimed 1,400 lives.

Demonstrators yelled, “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea,” and “Ceasefire now,” as the NYPD said over the loudspeaker that anyone who refused to leave will be taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

In the video, protestors are individually asked to leave the street by the officers, who handcuff them if they resist.

As their friends who support Palestine applauded, New York City correctional buses drove off with the arrested people inside.

Almost two weeks after the horrific surprise attack, hundreds of captives, including American Americans, are reportedly being held by Hamas terrorists.

Concerns regarding the violence towards civilians on both sides of the conflict have been expressed by a few.

“Hamas must be condemned, in my opinion,” Oren Schweitzer, a resident of New York City, told CBS News during the demonstration that “violence against civilians is always awful and the violence that Israel has been carrying out against Palestinian civilians for over 75 years is condemnable as is Hamas’s attacks.”

In Gaza, children make up half of the population; hospitals and schools have both been hit.

Nobody has access to food or water, he continued.

How bombing Gaza is keeping people from joining Hamas, in my opinion, is beyond me.

Another protestor remarked, “I don’t see how killing thousands of children will keep anyone around the world safer.”

As demonstrators made their way downtown to City Hall Park, barricades blocked the streets and there was a heavy police presence during the gathering.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators occupied the US Capitol earlier this month, calling for an end to hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

The demonstrators occupied the spacious rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building while wearing black shirts with the slogans “JEWS SAY CEASEFIRE NOW” and “NOT IN OUR NAME.”

Posters bearing slogans like “LET GAZA LIVE” and “MOURN THE DEAD, AND FIGHT LIKE HELL FOR THE LIVING” were carried by the protesters.

As the mob became louder and more disruptive with chanting and singing, 300 people were arrested by Capitol Police.

Protesting Palestinians poured inside the Cannon building, and they closed off public access to the Capitol complex.

“We warned the protestors to stop demonstrating and when they did not comply we began arresting them,” the Capitol Police statement of the mass arrests read.

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