Princess of Wales has discloses that she enjoys cold water swimming at night on rugby star podcast.

Princess of Wales’s Sporting Revelations on Rugby Podcast

Beer Pong and Competitive Spirit

In a surprising turn of events, the Princess of Wales, a prominent member of the British Royal Family, revealed her penchant for cold-water swimming at night and a lively game of beer pong during her appearance on a rugby star’s podcast. This revelation was made during a special Rugby World Cup edition of the podcast, “The Good, the Bad, and the Rugby,” hosted by former England international Mike Tindall. The podcast, filmed at Windsor Castle, also featured Prince and Princess of Wales and Princess Anne, patrons of Welsh, English, and Scottish rugby, respectively. Here are some of the highlights from this candid conversation.

Beer Pong Fun

Mike Tindall let slip a more playful side of the Princess of Wales as he disclosed her competitive streak, sharing, “I’ve seen her play beer pong!” Beer pong is a popular party game where players aim to throw or hit table tennis balls into cups of beer, with opponents required to drink the contents of any cup that a ball lands in.

Barefoot Dash

The Princess of Wales reminisced about her experience running barefoot in a parents’ race on sports day, drawing parallels with Princess Diana’s famous dash during her son William’s sports day in 1989. The Princess of Wales and Prince William both participated in this impromptu parents’ race, showcasing their competitive sides.

Cold Water Enthusiasm

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess of Wales, expressed her genuine love for sports, particularly cold-water swimming. She enthusiastically shared her passion for swimming in cold water, even in dark and rainy conditions, which prompted some playful banter from Prince William.

Anne’s Gymkhana Memories

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, discussed her own parenting challenges, recalling her attempts to guide her son Peter during gymkhana events. She humorously recounted the behavior of other competitive parents at these events, highlighting the comical aspects of the experience.

Competitive Royal Couples

Mike Tindall playfully compared Prince William and Kate to “Monica and Chandler” from the popular 90s sitcom Friends, suggesting a competitive streak between them. Kate initially denied being competitive but later admitted that they often engage in mental challenges during games. Anne shared that some level of competition also exists among their three children.

Anne’s Driving Skills

Anne’s motoring skills came into the conversation, with Tindall praising her as a skilled driver. Anne recounted her experience driving a Formula 1 car at Silverstone and expressed her delight at not stalling it. This discussion led to lighthearted banter about Anne’s driving abilities and her daughter Zara’s competitive spirit.

The podcast provided a rare glimpse into the Royals’ sporting interests and revealed their down-to-earth and competitive sides, making for an engaging and entertaining episode.

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