Prince William Playfully Jokes About Kate’s Creativity During Youth Charity Visit in West London

Prince William Playfully Jokes About Kate’s Creativity During Youth Charity Visit in West London

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, engages in a royal visit to the OnSide Youth Zone in Hammersmith and Fulham, West London, where he interacts with children and participates in various activities.

Reference to Recent Events:

The visit comes just days after Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, faced criticism for digitally editing a family photograph released by Kensington Palace for Mother’s Day.

Despite the ongoing scrutiny, William maintains his royal duties.

Interaction with Children:

During his visit, Prince William interacts with children at the OnSide Youth Zone, engaging in activities such as basketball and biscuit decoration.

He shares anecdotes about his children, expressing his daughter Charlotte’s love for ballet and his son Louis’s fondness for sprinkles.

Discussion on Mobile Phone Usage:

Prince William encourages young people to spend less time on their phones, highlighting the importance of real-life interactions and activities.

He engages in conversations with the youth about their phone usage habits, emphasizing the need for moderation.

Acknowledgment of Achievements:

Prince William commends the organizers and participants of the OnSide Youth Zone for their dedication and achievements, recognizing the positive impact of the facility on the local community.

Plaque Unveiling:

The visit culminates with Prince William unveiling a plaque to commemorate the launch of the Youth Zone.

He interacts with staff and supporters, expressing gratitude for their contributions to the project before departing.

Transition to Royal Family Dynamics:

It mentions the separate engagements of Prince William and his estranged brother, Prince Harry, at the Diana Legacy Award ceremony.

It briefly touches on the recent tensions between the royal siblings and their individual commitments to the event.

Additional Royal Engagements:

The narrative briefly mentions other royal engagements, including Prince Edward and Sophie’s attendance at the All England Open Badminton Championships and Charles’s recent audience with Baroness Scotland.

Insight into Youth Trends and Concerns:

It references a report by OnSide highlighting concerns about youth isolation and excessive screen time, underscoring the importance of initiatives like the Youth Zone in addressing these issues.


Overall, it provides a detailed account of Prince William’s visit to the OnSide Youth Zone, highlighting his interactions with young people and his support for community initiatives aimed at youth development.