Prime Minister’s Questions: Clash Over NHS Funding and Tax Policies Takes Center Stage

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. During the Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Sir Keir Starmer accused Mr. Sunak of favoring the “non-dom status” while discussing the funding of Labour’s NHS workforce plan.


The term “non-dom” refers to individuals who are not domiciled in the UK but enjoy a tax status that allows them to pay taxes only on their UK income.

Mr. Starmer criticized this tax loophole, which benefits some of the wealthiest individuals in the country, suggesting that scrapping it would provide sufficient funds for the NHS plan.

Prime Minister’s Math Joke Misfires

Responding to Mr. Starmer’s remarks, the Prime Minister attempted a light-hearted joke, implying that Mr. Starmer’s arguments were flawed.


However, the joke backfired when Mr. Starmer corrected the Prime Minister, pointing out that he had gotten his age wrong.

This unexpected response prompted laughter from the Labour benches, highlighting the Prime Minister’s miscalculation.

Clash over Economy, NHS Staff Shortages, and Waiting Times

Mr. Starmer and Mr. Sunak engaged in a heated exchange concerning the economy, NHS staff shortages, and waiting times.

Mr. Sunak accused Labour of pursuing superficial headlines while the government aimed for actual health system reforms.

He claimed that the NHS long-term workforce plan was fully funded and received support from 43 different NHS stakeholders.


NHS Waiting Times Comparison and Criticism

The Prime Minister drew attention to the improved waiting times in England, which he claimed were the best in two years.

He contrasted this with the situation in Wales, where waiting times were described as the worst.

However, Mr. Starmer rebutted by highlighting the record-high waiting list of 7.2 million people, suggesting that the government’s efforts had failed patients.

He questioned why, despite nine months in office, numerous promises, and gimmicks, the government was falling short in patient care.


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