PRIMATE Ayodele SHOCKS, Tinubu, Osinbajo SHAKES As Old Priest Releases STRONG Message Over 2023 Presidency

Religious leaders engage in many kinds of divination according to their belief system, which is a common culture in Africa.
For example, in Nigeria, some Christian leaders sometimes take the lead in predicting popular, trending, and even worldwide events based on religious prophecy.
While just a small percentage of their so-called divine predictions come true, many do. As a result, the purpose of this research is to investigate the world of divination among Nigerian pastors in relation to political and global events.
Prominent seer and the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele had on Sunday, 30 January 2022 warned that the presidential ambition of Vice- President Yemi Osinbajo and the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will lead to a fight which might endanger the chances of the Southwest region in the 2023 Presidential elections.
According to Daily Post, the cleric said he foresees a disagreement between the two political allies warning that unless the party leaders take decisive steps to remedy the situation, it will cost the Southwest region the presidential seat come 2023.
” I foresee a fallout between the national leader of the All Progressive Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.
” This will happen due to the presidential ambition of both of them. It will lead to a fight between them if not well handled.
‘ ‘ Also, unless the party leaders make moves to settle the rift, their ambition will cost the South- West zone its chances in the 2023 presidential race. There will be confusion which will make South West lose what they don’ t expect. ” he said in a statement signed by his media, Osho Oluwatosin,
How Pastor Elijah Falsely Prophesied 2020 American Polls, Coronavirus
The founder of Glorious Mount of Possibility Church, Yaba, Lagos, David Elijah became an object of ridicule on social media after his fake prophecy predicting that the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump would be announced the winner of the mu American 2020 Presidential Elections.
According to Premium Times, the pastor also added in the so- called prophecy that a popular politician would commit suicide upon hearing Trump’ s victory in the said election which eventually went the way of the Republican candidate, Joe Biden who recorded 273 electoral college votes as against Trump’ s 214 to emerge as the 46th president of the United Atates in his third attempt at the presidency.
Elijah had told his congregation ” If care is not taken and prayer is not made I see a politician in America committing suicide because of Donald Trump” .
He also told his congregation that God was behind him and Donald Trump and also advised them that if they support Trump, God will work for them.
Meanwhile, Elijah had earlier made a fake prophecy about COVID- 19 in February of the same year.
He had reportedly vowed to end the invisible monster in China claiming that the Chinese authorities lacked good prophets who would make that happen.
Premium Times revealed that Elijah claimed at a time Nigeria had just confirmed its index case, an Italian citizen who had arrived in Lagos from Milan.
” I am going to China to go and deal with coronavirus. I am going prophetically to destroy coronavirus. Give me children there, where there’ s a prophet, people will not die.
I cannot be a prophet and I am in this world and China is dying,
” It’ s not possible. No more coronavirus, if the enemy is operating because he thinks he can destroy China maybe because China does not have a prophet.
There’ s a prophet from the eastern part of Nigeria, and the major prophet is on this altar and my prophecy is that coronavirus is over
” Put your hands together for Jesus. No more coronavirus in Jesus name, ‘ he was quoted as saying at that time.
COVID- 19 is still very much with us after almost two years and Pastor Elijah has not been seen on any China- bound air flight to fulfil his earlier promise.
Stop False Election Prophecies- Kaigama Tells Religious Leaders
The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, Ignatius Kaigama had sent a strong warning to some religious leaders who have been using their altar to preach miracles and prosperity are now proponents of political prediction in the guile of divine prophecy.
According to Punch, the cleric warned and advised religious leaders must always be ready to tell truth regardless of whose ox is gored.
While admonishing political leaders to accept rejection or criticism from the people they claim to serve, Kaigama religious leaders to be good models who should only be concerned about issues of moral regeneration of lives and the constant call to spiritual decency.
” The story of Jesus’ rejection by His towns people should challenge leaders to accept rejection and criticism even when they think they are doing their best; after all, their best may not be what the people cherish.
” For us religious leaders, we must remain ardent in preaching the truth with courage and not be deterred even by threats to life.
We are called to be the Jeremiah of our day: tell truth to power.
Unfortunately, many religious leaders who are sadly preaching miracles and prosperity are now dabbling into political forecasting in the name of divine prophecy.
” When they claim that party A or B will win elections in a given State, or nation, or a certain strong political personality will win rather than the other, these are mere fruits of political calculations or pure guess work, and may not be a result of any special supernatural or divine revelation” he said
” Serious religious leaders must not arrogate to themselves prophetic political certitude by such distracting predictions when they should be only concerned with issues of moral regeneration of lives and the constant call to spiritual decency.
” Prophets should worry rather about people encouraging them to do away with a mentality that rationalizes sin, corruption and calls evil, good.
True Prophets don’ t just glory in predicting the political future; they are rather to serve the people of God and to bring God’ s word to them; to be models and witnesses by the edifying words that come from their lips and the courageous witness of their lives” he added
” Unlike many contemporary ministers who are out to seek a ministry of comfort, affluence and convenience, the priest is called to identify with his flock in their social and existential contexts, and in the words of Pope Francis, ” to smell like the sheep
” Religious leaders must resist the temptation to do influential people’ s bidding by prophesying electoral victory or massaging their worldly ego and during public religious gatherings. ” he concluded

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