President Bola Tinubu’s First Week in Office: A Remarkable Display of Accessibility and Economic Resilience

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. In a Facebook post, Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide and political analyst, has highlighted President Bola Tinubu’s accomplishments within his first week as president.


Omokri argues that Tinubu has been more accessible to labor and trade unions in one week than President Buhari was in four years.

According to Omokri, Tinubu has demonstrated his ability to address critical economic issues and tackle challenges.

Improved Accessibility and Engagement:

Omokri emphasizes that Tinubu has shown a remarkable level of accessibility to labor and trade unions during his first week in office.

This accessibility stands in stark contrast to the previous administration, where such engagement was lacking.

By actively engaging with these groups, Tinubu demonstrates his commitment to fostering dialogue and addressing the concerns of various stakeholders.

Addressing Key Economic Issues:

Within the short span of one week, Tinubu has showcased his ability to confront significant economic challenges.


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One of his notable achievements is the removal of fuel subsidy, a controversial policy that has long plagued the Nigerian economy.

Additionally, Tinubu has successfully quelled a planned nationwide strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress.

These actions indicate his commitment to tackling pressing economic issues and fostering stability in the country.

Cited Achievements by Atiku Abubakar:

Atiku Abubakar, a staunch supporter of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party and a presidential candidate in the last election, has acknowledged some of Tinubu’s accomplishments.

Abubakar cites the removal of fuel subsidy and the successful resolution of the labor strike as notable achievements in Tinubu’s first week.

Despite endorsing Abubakar, Omokri recognizes Tinubu’s accomplishments, indicating that his performance has been impressive.

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Positive Economic Developments:

In addition to addressing key challenges, Tinubu’s first week in office has witnessed positive economic developments.

The Nigerian currency, the Naira, is trending towards a single exchange rate, which has potential benefits for the economy.


Moreover, Tinubu’s administration has successfully persuaded the Nigeria Labour Congress to understand their reasoning, thereby fostering a more cooperative relationship.

These achievements contribute to a more stable economic environment.

Strategic Leadership and Harmonious Military Subordination:

Tinubu has demonstrated strategic leadership by meeting with heads of strategic agencies and providing executive direction.

This proactive approach signifies his commitment to effective governance and the implementation of his policies.

Additionally, Tinubu has established harmonious relations with the military, ensuring that they work in unison with his administration.

This coordination contributes to a cohesive and efficient governance structure.

Other Positive Developments:

During Tinubu’s first week, Nigeria has recorded a trade surplus, which reflects improved economic performance and increased international trade.

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The stock market has also experienced a boost, rallying in response to Tinubu’s administration’s policies and actions.


Furthermore, relative peace prevails in the country, suggesting that Tinubu’s leadership has contributed to a more stable and secure environment.


Despite acknowledging President Tinubu’s alleged cartel links, Reno Omokri commends his performance during his first week in office.

Tinubu’s accessibility to labor and trade unions, his swift action on key economic issues, and his positive impact on the economy, military, and overall peace in the country highlight his early achievements.

Although opinions may differ due to political affiliations, Tinubu’s accomplishments within this short timeframe are worth noting.


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