President Biden’s Latest Gaffe at APEC: Handshake Blunder Sparks Mixed Reactions

President Joe Biden faced confusion and mockery as he stood among world leaders at the APEC summit, performing his signature awkward handshake and witnessing an unusual incident unfold.

The footage, highlighted by RNC Research, captured Biden’s bewildered reaction, sparking a mixed response.

Biden’s Bewildering Handshake:

During the APEC summit, Biden appeared confused as he participated in a photo op with fellow world leaders.

The RNC Research account sarcastically commented on Biden’s seemingly weak handshake, triggering a range of reactions from viewers.

Some questioned the authenticity of the incident, while others defended the president.

Pronunciation Slip at APEC:

Adding to the moments of confusion, Biden opted to skip pronouncing a challenging name during remarks at the APEC summit, choosing to salute US corporate innovation instead.

His decision to avoid mispronunciation led to a mixed reaction, with some users expressing concern about the ongoing global issues.

Previous Gaffes and Mishaps:

This incident follows a series of recent gaffes by President Biden, including referring to Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘president’ and struggling with name pronunciations.

President Biden’s awkward moments at the APEC summit, including the perplexing handshake and pronunciation slip, have sparked discussion and varied reactions.

The incidents add to a series of recent gaffes, prompting scrutiny and commentary on Biden’s performance on the global stage.

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