Premier League football star investigated for racially abusing luxury apartment concierge

Premier League Footballer Under Police Investigation for Racial Abuse at Luxury Apartment – 

Recent reports suggest that a Premier League footballer is facing a police investigation following allegations of racial abuse directed at a member of staff at a luxury apartment.

The incident, said to have occurred earlier this month on December 10, is currently under scrutiny, marking a concerning development within the football community.

Allegations and Victim’s Account:

According to The Sun, the alleged victim, a concierge born in England to Senegalese-Gambian parents, claims that the footballer used racial slurs, including the N-word, on two occasions.

The incident unfolded when the player, reportedly smelling of alcohol, angrily demanded a key from the 50-year-old concierge.

The victim, who initially did not recognize the player, reported the incident to both the Metropolitan Police and the footballer’s club. The complaint has been acknowledged by both entities.

Sequence of Events:

The concierge, standing in as a temporary worker on reception, recounted the encounter, stating that the footballer quickly became agitated upon arrival.

Attempting to resolve the issue, the concierge requested the player to provide his details, but as a temporary staff member, access to the necessary systems required a supervisor’s presence, leading to increased frustration from the player.

The situation escalated, with the footballer reportedly losing his temper, using offensive language, and ultimately directing racial slurs at the concierge.

Victim’s Response and Police Investigation:

Expressing feeling “disgusted” and appalled by the ordeal, the concierge has reported the incident to the authorities, leading to an ongoing police investigation.

As of now, no arrests have been made, and the case remains a matter of serious concern within the broader context of anti-racism efforts.

Football’s Stance on Racism:

The incident comes amidst ongoing efforts within football to combat racism, with Premier League fixtures on designated days featuring players, coaches, and officials taking the knee before kick-off.

December 27 and December 28 were among the matchdays specifically marked as “No Room For Racism” fixtures, underscoring the sport’s commitment to addressing and eradicating racial discrimination.


This troubling incident highlights the persistent challenges faced in tackling racism within the football community.

As investigations unfold, it serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all involved in the sport, reiterating the significance of ongoing anti-racism initiatives.

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