Practical Ways to Secure Tickets For Live Sporting Events

Live sporting events become more enjoyable when you are part of the fun. Thus, sports fans would want to buy tickets to watch their favorite teams score that goal. While attending a live sporting event is fun, the hassle of purchasing tickets can get frustrating.

Securing tickets for a live sporting event can be difficult. This is because so many individuals want to purchase tickets, making it a competitive venture.

Individuals often have to wait hours on end to be able to purchase tickets for their favorite team. They even buy additional tickets just in case they cannot get the ones they truly want.

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Therefore, you should have crucial information as a consumer to help you make an informed decision. Below are some examples:

  • Get the contact information of the ticket seller.
  • Have the total cost of the ticket plus all other charges like tax, booking fees, credit card fees, and delivery charges ready.
  • Clarify how the organizer will send the ticket.
  • Know if you have a right to cancel a ticket and the procedures involved.
  • Know if you can resell your ticket at a higher price.
  • Have an idea of what happens if the purchasing process is flawed and how the organizer will handle complaints.

One of the examples of such events is a game like NRL. Read through this article to learn some feasible options to get tickets for live sporting events:

  • Have All Details Right Before Purchase

Primary or secondary ticket sellers have various ways of selling tickets. It’s crucial to ensure you cannot resell it above the initial value when you obtain a ticket for a live event from a primary ticket seller.

Tickets from a secondary seller should have details about their original price and where to get them before purchasing. You could be inconvenienced if, for some reason, you’re not able to show up for an event, and you cannot resell your ticket.

On further inquiry, you realize that there was information you missed in fine print indicating that tickets cannot be resold or transferred.

  • Buy Tickets From Authentic Venders

It’s believed that buying tickets directly from the venue is less expensive. This way, you don’t have to part with extra cash for any required fees. It’s also good to note that there are tickets you can’t obtain directly as you need to engage with various ticketing agents.

Apart from the official site, many vendors have a way of presenting the exact tickets for a sporting event, and the difference is in the pricing. Others could claim to sell tickets but are in the business of making money by tricking people into paying for tickets that may be non-existent.

Patiently search the web for the official site where you can obtain tickets at a lower price. Go to the extent of calling the phone numbers made available to confirm whether you have reached the official site or are just a reseller. Refrain from obtaining tickets from unauthorized vendors because you’ll have fewer or no legal rights to refer to in case of problems.

  • Ascertain The Existence Of Your Ticket

When purchasing tickets for a live sporting event, look for any signs indicating that you may not receive your ticket. For instance, you should be on high alert when you see tickets available on a resale site a week before the said time as communicated by the official site. It’s also questionable when you don’t get an explicit confirmation after purchase. Instead, you see that tickets will be delivered on a specific proposed date. You would run a safer risk purchasing tickets at the venue.

  • Be Careful With Presales

Presale tickets are available for a specific group of people like VIPs, club members, credit card holders, and even personal friends. In such a case, this group of people is prioritized, so very few tickets remain for the general public. You’ll be at an advantage when you have this information in advance to get your ticket early.

  • Compare Ticket Prices

Take time to check out ticket prices from different vendors, don’t be too quick to pick the first one you see. Skim through the various ticketing websites, come up with a list of prices from each vendor, and choose the one that reflects value for your money.

Some vendors have devised ways of getting consumers to buy tickets fast by introducing a timer on their website. If you’re under pressure to get a ticket, you will do your best to buy it before the timer goes off, no matter the price. This way, you could end up buying a ticket at a very high price. To avoid any unnecessary pressure, take your time comparing prices.

  • Consider Tickets That Have A Guarantee Policy

Do your best when buying tickets from companies with a guarantee policy, like Ace Tickets and StubHub. With these, you’re assured of getting a refund if an event is canceled, the tickets are expired, or any other mishap.

  • Go The Credit Card Way

It’s most advisable to use a credit card to buy tickets because it’s considered a safer and easier way to do any follow-up in case of an overcharge or any other issues with the ticket. Confirm the vendor’s company URL before feeding your credit card details. Ensure that the address begins with an ‘https://’so you avoid accessing a fake site.

  • Do Not Assume

Don’t assume that because it’s your right as a consumer to cancel a ticket without having to explain, you can do so as you please. Tickets for sporting events are not covered under that general right to cancel.

Before purchasing, you must clarify the terms and conditions of the company you want to buy your ticket from. Some companies have ticket cancellation procedures that benefit you if you cancel. Other companies have created tickets so only the person whose name is on the ticket can use it.

  • Find A Convenient Time To Buy Tickets

The best time to buy a ticket for a live sporting event is before the event starts and when the prices go down. If you want to attend a particular live sporting game, but the tickets are beyond your budget, the advisable thing to do is to wait until the prices go down.

As the event nears, vendors could still have plenty of tickets left, and in the desperation to sell them and not lose business, they lower the prices. 

Buying tickets after an event begins is also likely to be cheaper because of fans who may be selling extras either at the actual amount or lower.

  • Be Informed About Additional Fees

Different vendors usually advertise tickets through their websites, and every company has its strategy for making profits. Find out what other fees may be attached to the ticket price as you begin the purchase process. This will help you prepare beforehand to budget your money wisely.

  • Learn Ticket Buying Tips

It will benefit you as a consumer to learn about ticket-buying tips. For instance, you can use more than one device to buy a ticket from Ticketmaster. Ensure you have the two devices you choose on different networks, i.e., one on a mobile network and the other on Wi-Fi. This is to avoid the likelihood of making more than one request to Ticketmaster using one IP address and raising suspicions.

You’ll also need to create multiple separate accounts to log in to Ticketmaster when using more than one device. These accounts will also require different email addresses and phone numbers to avoid detection and get as close to the front of the queue as possible. 

  • Look For Season Tickets

The advantage of season tickets is that you can get them at face value, and you’re also guaranteed to attend premium and special events. You can also sell tickets for events you may not be interested in.

  • Take Care Of Your Ticket

You should take care of your ticket once you’ve purchased it. Ensure that you guard the ticket code as well. For instance, you could be tempted to confirm to your friends that you have a ticket for a particular event and share it via social media. That will put you at risk because scalpers could pick up the image of your ticket and set out to create fake tickets, which makes yours invalid.

  • Buy Single Tickets

Single tickets are an easy pick because they’re not as popular. Since sporting events are social events, fans tend to buy tickets as a group of two or more people. Single tickets are less expensive and are lower in demand because not many people like sitting alone at an event. 


It does not matter if you are a basketball fan or a soccer enthusiast. If you are looking forward to attending live sporting events, you must secure your tickets in advance. Securing tickets can be a time-consuming and arduous task. Fortunately, there are practical ways to secure tickets for live sporting events like the ones above.

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