Weather Alert: Possible Snowfall Forecasted for Tonight and Tomorrow

Possible Snowfall Tonight

According to the Lesotho Meteorological Services, the weather in the mentioned areas was partly cloudy and warm, with a light to moderate north-westerly wind that occasionally became strong on Sunday afternoon.

Chance of Rain, Thundershowers, and Hail

The forecast indicates a 40% chance of scattered rain, thundershowers, and the possibility of hail in some places in the late afternoon.

The evening is expected to bring cloudy and cool weather conditions with moderate to strong north-westerly winds.

Snowfall Expected in High-Lying Areas on Monday

The weather service further predicts a 40% chance of scattered rain and thundershowers, with the possibility of snowfall in high-lying areas.

Monday’s forecast anticipates cloudy and cool conditions, particularly in the highlands, with a 60% likelihood of scattered to widespread rain and thundershowers, along with the possibility of snowfall in high-lying areas.

Weather Alert and Level 6 Warning

An awareness alert was issued, warning the public to be aware of the possibility of snowfall tonight into tomorrow afternoon in high areas.

Additionally, a level 6 weather warning for heavy rain, thunderstorms, and hail has been issued in certain regions.

Level 6 Warning: Severe Thunderstorms and Hail

The South African Weather Services (SAWS) has issued a level 6 weather warning for severe thunderstorms, rain, and hail, which is in effect for Sunday evening and Monday.

The warning notes that wind and hail damage to settlements and vehicles is possible and advises people to stay indoors and away from metal objects during the storm.

Areas Affected by the Level 6 Warning

The level 6 weather warning affects several areas in South Africa, including Mandeni, KwaDukuza, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, and more.

The warning advises caution in the face of potential hail, strong winds, and heavy downpours accompanying the storms.