Controversy Brewing: Portsmouth City Council’s Motion to Serve Meat at Official Events

Portsmouth City Council to Defend Meat and Dairy Options at Civic Events

Portsmouth City Council is preparing to vote on a motion that would affirm its commitment to serving meat and dairy products at all official events.

This decision is in response to the growing trend of vegan activists successfully advocating for plant-based menus at public functions.

The motion, put forward by local Conservatives, aims to support the local farming community and maintain freedom of choice for event attendees.

Council Aims to “Always” Offer Meat and Dairy Options

The proposed motion seeks to ensure that meat and dairy options are “always” available alongside plant-based food choices, all sourced from local suppliers.

In addition to promoting the consumption of local produce, the council plans to allow local farmers to display and sell their products near the city’s cruise terminal, showcasing the region’s rich agricultural offerings to visitors.

Uniting the Community

Councillor Benedict Swann, who introduced the motion, emphasizes the need to represent the diverse interests of the community.

He believes that divisive bans on meat and dairy, which have been implemented by other councils, do not align with the interests of farmers, growers, and consumers in Portsmouth.

The proposal aims to unite the community by offering choices that cater to a wide range of preferences.

Countryside Alliance Supports the Motion

The motion has received praise from the Countryside Alliance, an organization advocating for “farming-friendly” policies and opposing bans on meat and dairy

. The Countryside Alliance believes that supporting local farmers and growers while promoting sustainable produce is essential for combating climate change and sustaining the countryside.

Portsmouth’s Historic Opportunity

Mo Metcalf-Fisher, a spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance, has urged all 42 Portsmouth councillors, regardless of their political affiliation, to vote in favor of the motion.

This historic opportunity could make Portsmouth the first UK city to officially support the motion and recognize the importance of locally sourced and sustainable produce, whether meat or vegetables.

Previous Council Actions

Notably, earlier this year, Cornwall Council voted to ensure that meat and dairy continue to be served at its events, countering the trend of councils adopting plant-based menus.

Some councils have even committed to promoting vegan food over animal products. The Climate Change Committee recommends reducing meat and dairy consumption, but it does not support a complete shift to veganism.

Portsmouth’s Decision Awaits

Portsmouth City Council’s decision on this motion is set to be made at the next full council meeting on Tuesday, November 14.

The outcome will determine whether the city joins the ranks of councils defending meat and dairy options at civic events or follows the trend of embracing plant-based menus.