Charles Okocha Fires Back at Portable, Denies Ripping Him Off in Heated Video

Charles Okocha Fires Back at Portable, Denies Ripping Him Off in Heated Video

Popular actor Charles Okocha has unleashed a fiery response to singer Portable’s recent accusations of being swindled out of 20 million naira.

The Zazoo crooner had taken to social media to claim that Charles Okocha took a hefty portion of a 40 million naira ambassadorial deal.

Clearing the Air: Charles Okocha Responds to Portable’s 20 Million Naira Accusation

Disputing the allegations, Charles Okocha expressed his outrage, labeling Portable’s claims as outright falsehoods.

According to the actor, there was never any formal agreement between him and Portable. He asserted that the singer approached him for assistance due to difficulties in finding partnerships.

The Charles Okocha and Portable Saga: Actor Hits Back Amid Allegations of Betrayal

Charles Okocha clarified that, out of goodwill, he flew Portable and his crew to Abuja, covering their lodge fees at Transcorp for a two-day stay.

To further support Portable, Charles gifted him 5 million naira. However, he contends that Portable repaid his kindness with disloyalty, tarnishing his reputation with baseless accusations.

Nollywood Actor Charles Okocha Addresses Partnership Controversy with Portable

In a video shared on social media, Charles Okocha vehemently denied the allegations made by Portable. The actor stated that he had only sought to help Portable when others were unwilling to collaborate with him. The partnership controversy has sparked a public feud between the two figures.

Hefty Curses and Strong Denials: Charles Okocha’s Reaction to Portable’s Claims

Charles Okocha did not hold back in his response, issuing hefty curses and challenging Portable to face him in various physical confrontations.

The actor, angered by what he sees as a betrayal, is determined to defend his reputation and confront Portable for making damaging accusations.

War of Words: Charles Okocha Unleashes Curses on Portable Over Allegations

The feud escalated as Charles Okocha used strong language in response to Portable’s claims. The actor, known for his energetic personality, minced no words in expressing his frustration and anger over what he perceives as an attempt to tarnish his image.

Inside the Feud: Charles Okocha Sets the Record Straight on Portable’s Accusations

As the social media feud unfolds, Charles Okocha took to video to set the record straight on the alleged 20 million naira dispute. The actor’s detailed account aims to debunk Portable’s claims and reveal the true nature of their interaction.

Charles Okocha Speaks Out: The Truth Behind the Alleged 20 Million Naira Dispute

Amidst the brewing controversy, Charles Okocha took the opportunity to speak out and share his side of the story.

The actor emphasized that he acted in good faith and expressed disappointment over Portable’s attempt to damage his reputation.

From Partnership to Accusations: Charles Okocha’s Side of the Portable Controversy

The partnership between Charles Okocha and Portable took an unexpected turn as allegations of financial misconduct surfaced. Charles Okocha’s response sheds light on the dynamics of their interaction and the disappointment he feels at being falsely accused.

Social Media Showdown: Charles Okocha Claps Back at Portable’s Money Claims

The unfolding drama has become a social media showdown, with Charles Okocha clapping back at Portable’s money claims.

The public exchange highlights the challenges and conflicts that can arise in the entertainment industry, particularly when financial matters come into play.

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