Pope Francis sends rosary to president-elect Milei of Argentina

Pope Francis sends rosary to president-elect Milei of Argentina

A Diplomatic Turnaround: Milei’s Apology to the Pope and the Political Landscape Shift

In a surprising turn of events, the recently elected libertarian economist, Javier Milei, extended an apology to Pope Francis, marking a significant shift in their relationship.

This development follows a history of public insults and criticism directed at the Holy Father by Milei.

The apology sets the stage for a potential reconciliation between Milei and the Pope, suggesting a willingness to mend fences and establish a new rapport.

A Political Upset: Milei’s Presidential Victory:

Javier Milei emerged victorious in the November 19 presidential election, defeating Sergio Massa, who represented the continuity of the current government’s policies.

Massa’s approach leaned towards state intervention in economic matters, contrasting sharply with Milei’s proposals for tax reduction, subsidy elimination, and a promotion of the free market.

Milei’s electoral success signals a significant departure from the prevailing political ideology, emphasizing a mandate for economic liberalism and reduced state involvement.

Divergent Economic Visions: Massa vs. Milei:

Sergio Massa’s proposed economic model emphasized a strong state presence and intervention to foster economic growth.

In contrast, Milei’s vision prioritized free-market principles, advocating for the elimination of taxes and subsidies, and minimizing the state’s role in economic affairs.

The election underscored a clear ideological divide, with voters opting for a shift towards libertarian economic policies over the traditional state-centric approach.

Presidential Transition:

With Milei’s victory, he is poised to assume the presidency on December 10, marking a transition from the existing political landscape.

His policy proposals suggest a departure from the status quo, promising a shift towards economic liberalism and reduced government intervention.

The upcoming presidential transition is anticipated to bring about substantial changes in Argentina’s political and economic direction, aligning with Milei’s libertarian principles.


This unexpected apology from Milei to the Pope and his triumph in the presidential election signal a complex and dynamic period in Argentina’s political landscape.

As the nation prepares for a change in leadership, the ideological shifts and diplomatic reconciliations hint at a nuanced era under Milei’s presidency.

The convergence of political, economic, and diplomatic dynamics presents Argentina with both challenges and opportunities, shaping the trajectory of the nation’s future.

The evolving relationship between Milei and the Pope adds an intriguing layer to the unfolding narrative of change.