Pope Francis Reflects on Saint Thérèse’s ‘Holy Abandonment’ and Humility in Message

Pope Francis Reflects on Saint Thérèse’s ‘Holy Abandonment’ and Humility in Message

Pope Francis Reflects on St. Thérèse’s Message

In a message, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of St. Thérèse’s invitation to a holy “abandonment.”

He acknowledged the enduring value of her spiritual insights and her impact on the Church.

St. Thérèse’s Trial of Faith

Pope Francis’s message also highlighted the great trial of faith that St. Thérèse faced during the last year and a half of her life.

She endured the first symptoms of tuberculosis, the illness that would ultimately lead to her passing at the young age of 24.

Her account reveals her heroic faith and her ability to triumph over powerful temptations, making her a source of inspiration.

Humility and the Vocation of Love

The Pope underscored St. Thérèse’s humility and her revelation that her vocation was rooted in love.

He pointed out that her heart represented a loving, humble, and merciful Church, emphasizing her willingness to take the lowest place alongside the Son of God.

Relevance for Today’s World

Pope Francis drew parallels between St. Thérèse’s teachings and the challenges of the modern world.

He noted her ability to show the beauty of making life a gift, her emphasis on simplicity and love, and her message of concern and responsibility for others.

In a world that often prioritizes individualism and self-interest, St. Thérèse’s “little way” serves as a profound reminder of the radicalism of the Gospel and the importance of love and intercession for others.

Moving Beyond Legalism

The Pope emphasized how St. Thérèse’s teachings can help the Church move beyond legalistic or moralistic mindsets and embrace the primacy of love, trust, and abandonment.

Her example encourages a shift from rules and regulations to the joy of the Gospel, even in a complex and challenging world.

Pope Francis’s message reflects on the enduring relevance of St. Thérèse’s spiritual insights and their significance for the Church and the world.

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