Pope Francis Condemns Clericalism and Advocates for Women’s Influence in the Church

Pope Francis Denounces Clericalism and Emphasizes Women’s Role in the Church

In a significant address during the final week of the Synod assembly, Pope Francis passionately decried clericalism, labeling it a troubling thorn and a scourge that tarnishes the Church.

He stressed that clericalism ensnares the holy and faithful people of God and is a form of worldliness that harms the Church’s image.

Critique of Clericalism:

Pope Francis’ condemnation of clericalism is at the heart of his message.

He makes it clear that this issue is a critical concern for the Church.

He perceives clericalism as a damaging force that has deep implications for the Church and its members.

By using strong language like “thorn” and “scourge,” the Pope underlines the urgency of addressing this issue.

Synod Assembly and Insights:

The context of the Pope’s speech is the Synod assembly, which lasted nearly a month and involved contributions from cardinals, bishops, priests, religious sisters, and laypeople.

This forum allowed participants to discuss “synodality” and share their personal experiences within the Church.

Pope Francis’s words reflect the insights he gained from listening to these diverse voices within the Synod assembly.

Acknowledgment of Sister Liliana Franco:

Pope Francis singles out Sister Liliana Franco, a Colombian religious sister who participated in the Amazon Synod, for special mention.

She made headlines for her involvement in a controversial tree planting ceremony in the Vatican Gardens.

The Pope’s acknowledgment of her contribution highlights the importance of diverse perspectives and the role of women in the Church.

Emphasis on Female Intuition and Faith Transmission:

The Pope’s speech also celebrates the role of women in the Church.

He praises the intuitive nature of women, particularly their immediate response to Jesus’ empty tomb after the Resurrection.

Furthermore, he acknowledges that faith is often passed down through generations in a “feminine dialect,” underscoring the significance of the female influence in the transmission of faith.

Consistency on the Theme of Clericalism:

Throughout the Synod assembly, Pope Francis has maintained a consistent focus on the issue of clericalism and its negative impact on the Church.

This speech is part of his ongoing efforts to address and rectify this problem within the Church.

The Gift of a Book:

The Pope’s dedication to combating clericalism is evident from the first week of the Synod assembly when he gifted each participant with a copy of his book titled “Holy, not Worldly: God’s Grace Saves us from Interior Corruption.”

This book serves as a resource and guide in the fight against clericalism and worldliness within the Church.


Pope Francis’s words during the Synod assembly highlight his commitment to reforming the Church and addressing issues such as clericalism.

His emphasis on women’s roles and contributions further underscores the need for a more inclusive and reflective Church.

This speech stands as a call to action, urging the Church to confront these challenges with sincerity and resolve.

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