Poll Reveals Voters Strongly Oppose Presidential Pardon for Hunter Biden Amid Delaware Trial

Poll Reveals Voters Strongly Oppose Presidential Pardon for Hunter Biden Amid Delaware Trial

A significant majority of voters believe President Joe Biden should not intervene in the legal troubles of his son, Hunter Biden, according to a DailyMail.com/TIPP poll. Sixty-seven percent of respondents oppose a presidential pardon for Hunter, whose trial began recently in Delaware.

Historic Trial for the President’s Son

Hunter Biden, the first child of a sitting president to face a criminal trial, has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges related to a revolver purchase in 2018. This period in Hunter’s life was marked by substance abuse and controversial business dealings.

Trial Commences with Jury Selection

The trial, presided over by US District Judge Maryellen Noreika, began with jury selection in Wilmington. Hunter also faces separate federal tax charges in California. This legal drama follows the recent conviction of former President Donald Trump in a New York case.

Presidential Pardon Powers Under Scrutiny

US presidents possess broad powers to pardon individuals, but experts caution that such actions should be taken carefully to avoid potential abuse. The White House previously stated that President Biden would not pardon Hunter if convicted.

Biden Family’s Public Appearances Amid Legal Battles

Despite the ongoing trial, President Biden has been seen publicly supporting his son. The two have attended a White House state dinner, church services, and have been spotted cycling together in Delaware. The president has expressed unwavering support for Hunter.

Public Concern Over Potential Pardon

Americans have expressed their concerns on social media about the possibility of President Biden pardoning his son. Some view the trial as a waste of resources, while others worry about the integrity of the justice system.

Poll Results: Strong Opposition to Pardon

A nationwide survey of 1,910 voters revealed that two-thirds oppose any pardon for Hunter Biden. Opposition is particularly strong among those over 45 and white voters. There is also a clear partisan divide, with 79 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of Democrats against a pardon.

Opinions Divided on Fairness of Trial

Voters are split on whether Hunter Biden can receive a fair trial in Delaware. Forty-four percent believe the trial will be fair, while 31 percent think it will not be. The rest remain uncertain, with older voters and Democrats more likely to trust the trial’s fairness.

Legal Context of Hunter Biden’s Charges

The charges against Hunter Biden include lying about his drug use when purchasing a Colt Cobra revolver and illegally possessing the weapon. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison, although sentences are typically shorter.

The Focus of the Trial

The trial is expected to highlight Hunter Biden’s struggles with crack cocaine addiction, which he has openly discussed. Prosecutors aim to prove he knowingly lied about his drug use on a federal gun purchase form.

Congressional Republicans’ Investigation

Republicans have long sought to link Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings to his father’s political influence but have yet to find conclusive evidence. This trial represents another chapter in their ongoing investigations.

Hunter Biden’s Plea Agreement Collapse

A plea agreement that would have resolved the charges without prison time fell apart last year after Judge Noreika questioned its terms. Prosecutors plan to use evidence from Hunter’s phone and iCloud, including incriminating photos and messages.

Biden Family’s Weekend in Rehoboth Beach

Hunter Biden spent the weekend with his father in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, engaging in activities like biking and attending church. The trial is expected to last through the end of next week, with jurors needing to unanimously agree on a guilty verdict.

Hunter Biden’s Public Struggles

Hunter Biden’s years of addiction will be a central theme in the trial. He has claimed sobriety since mid-2019 and shared his journey in his 2021 autobiography. Prosecutors must prove he intentionally lied about his drug use during the gun purchase.

Evidence Against Hunter Biden

Prosecutors may use data from Hunter’s digital accounts to support their case. The trial will scrutinize his past actions and statements to establish his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Unresolved Legal and Political Questions

As Hunter Biden’s trial progresses, it raises broader questions about presidential powers, justice, and political accountability. The outcome will likely have significant implications for both the Biden family and the political landscape.

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