Police disclose possible route terrorist suspect used in escaping Wandsworth Prison.

Metropolitan Police Release Details of Daniel Khalife’s Escape Route

The Metropolitan Police have disclosed the route taken by a delivery lorry, believed to have been used by Daniel Khalife during his escape from prison. The former British Army soldier, aged 21, had been missing since his escape from a west London prison just before 8 am on Wednesday.

Manhunt Continues as Public Urged for Information

As the manhunt for Khalife enters its second day, the Metropolitan Police are actively seeking information from the public. The police have managed to trace the exact route of the van used in Khalife’s escape on Wednesday morning and have called on anyone who may have seen the van on this route to come forward with information.

Details of Khalife’s Escape Strategy Revealed

On Thursday afternoon, the police confirmed that they believe Khalife concealed himself underneath the delivery van and used strapping as part of his escape plan. Khalife was officially reported missing at 7:50 am on Wednesday, with the Metropolitan Police being notified at 8:15 am. The van was eventually stopped by officers at 8:37 am on Upper Richmond Road, near the junction with Carlton Drive.

Discovery of Strapping and the Escape Route

Upon stopping the van, officers conducted a thorough search and found strapping attached to the underside of the vehicle. The van’s journey began at 7:32 am when it left Wandsworth Prison, taking a right turn out of the gates onto Heathfield Road. It then proceeded to turn left onto Magdalen Road, followed by a left onto Trinity Road (A214), heading to the Wandsworth roundabout and taking the first exit onto Swandon Way (A217).

Continued Search Efforts and Focus on London Route

The Metropolitan Police have maintained their search efforts, involving more than 150 officers and staff, with a particular focus on the route taken by the van in London. Additionally, attention has been directed towards the Kingston area, where Khalife is known to have connections. The police have noted that Khalife’s military background may make him more skilled at evading capture.

Urgent Appeal for Information from the Public

Commander Dominic Murphy, leading the investigation, urgently called upon the public to provide any information they might have about Khalife. He emphasized the significant police efforts in the search, which has led to heightened security at ports and borders across the nation. As of now, there have been no confirmed sightings of Khalife, and public cooperation is crucial to locating him.

Public Safety Precautions

While Khalife is not assessed as an immediate threat to the wider public, the Metropolitan Police advise against approaching him if seen. Instead, they urge individuals to immediately call 999 with any information regarding his whereabouts.