Police Officer’s Heroic Actions Save Woman Dangling from Railway Line

Police Officer’s Heroic Actions Save Woman Dangling from Railway Line

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. A woman’s life was saved thanks to the swift actions of Sgt Steven Munday from Crewe, who raced into action when he saw her hanging by her fingertips 30 feet above a railway line.


The incident, which could have ended tragically, highlights the bravery and quick thinking of the Cheshire police officer.

Sgt Munday responded to a call regarding a woman on a pub roof.

As he prepared to encourage her to come down, she slipped and found herself precariously dangling.

Acting swiftly, Sgt Munday took charge of the situation, carefully assessing the safest approach to rescue her.

He coordinated road closures and arranged for the power on the railway line to be switched off, ensuring the safety of both the woman and potential passing trains.

Spotting a set of ladders in the pub’s beer garden, Sgt Munday headed towards them.


However, he was alerted that the woman had slipped.

Undeterred, he demonstrated clear thinking under pressure, swiftly making his way through the building, descending two sets of stairs, and retrieving the ladder.

Using the ladders, Sgt Munday climbed to the top of the wall and navigated a narrow ledge with a sheer drop to reach the flat roof.

With the woman in a state of hysteria, he managed to grip her upper arms and pull her back from the edge, employing his own strength and body weight.

Despite the woman’s resistance, Sgt Munday tenaciously grappled with her, ensuring her safety on the narrow roof by positioning her as far away from the edge as possible.

Once secured, his colleagues and other emergency services provided further assistance in bringing her down to safety.

Sgt Munday’s extraordinary feat has earned him a nomination for a National Police Bravery Award.

His selfless and decisive actions on January 28, 2022, were praised by the Cheshire Police Federation for saving the young woman’s life.


Chair Jamie Thompson commended Sgt Munday’s humility and emphasized that he prioritized her safety above his own, making him a worthy nominee for a bravery award.

Chief Inspector Fez Khan also acknowledged Sgt Munday’s exceptional quick-thinking and bravery, describing him as one of the finest officers at Crewe Police Station.

The chief inspector lauded his outstanding performance, emphasizing that Sgt Munday’s actions deserve the highest recognition.


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