Police directed not to use crackdown to harass Genuine Boda Boda operators

Police directed not to use crackdown to harass Genuine Boda Boda operators

Mbugua stated in a directive to all regional police commanders that other boda boda operators, such as those who provide courier services, should not be targeted in the operation.

This directive comes in the wake of growing concerns that the operation could be used to target innocent motorcycle owners and that it could be used as a cash cow by rogue police officers.

In the new directive, all bodaboda owners and operators must be registered with bodaboda safety association.

“Any offence detected eg. motorbike without insurance or rider without valid road licence will be subject to court process,” Mbugua stated.

On Tuesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered a countrywide crackdown on boda boda operators following the assault of female motorists along Forest Road.

Speaking during the country’s celebrations to mark International Women’s Day , President Kenyatta condemned the incident and said the crackdown is timely to rein in on rogue elements.

“Yesterday I did give instructions that I have ordered a crackdown on all boda boda operators starting here in Nairobi and moving all across the country,” the Head of State said in a speech delivered at the event held at the Kenya School of Government.

While he applauded the riders who offer great service to the country while operating within the framework of the law, he noted that the prevalent rouge behavior by the boda boda riders cannot be condoned.

“So, I have instructed the relevant law enforcement officers to use the instruments within the law to punish the culprits,” said the President.

President Kenyatta also ordered the re-registration of boda boda operators even as he reiterated the move is not aimed at stifling small businesses but rather to protect the lives of women and Kenyans at large.