Police Close in on Suspect in Murder of Neurosurgeon Dr. Devon Hooper Found in His Detroit Mansion

Police Close in on Suspect in Murder of Neurosurgeon Dr. Devon Hooper Found in His Detroit Mansion

A chilling mystery unfolded when neurosurgeon Dr. Devon Hooper, 53, was found dead in his $1.2 million Detroit mansion.

He had been shot twice in the back of his head, and his lifeless body was discovered wrapped in a comforter, concealed in the attic.

The shocking incident occurred on April 23 in the Boston-Edison District’s West Boston Boulevard neighborhood.

Police Pursue Suspect

In recent developments, the Detroit police have expressed confidence that they possess evidence pointing to a suspect linked to Dr. Hooper’s homicide.

Detroit Police Chief James White conveyed this assurance during a meeting of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners.

Chief White emphasized their commitment to bringing justice to Dr. Hooper’s family and stated that they needed additional time to collaborate with the prosecutor’s office before making an official announcement.

Initial Findings and Person of Interest

Dr. Hooper’s life took a tragic turn when he failed to attend a family gathering in Indiana, prompting family members to request a welfare check.

This led to the discovery of his lifeless body, hidden in a crawlspace within his residence.

While Chief White did not elaborate on the specific details of Dr. Hooper’s discovery, he noted that officers quickly became concerned upon entering the house.

Consequently, the police ruled his death a homicide.

Authorities reported on April 28 that they had a person of interest in custody, who was arrested on unrelated charges but was believed to have significant information regarding Dr. Hooper’s death.

However, this individual was subsequently released. Chief White disclosed that the arrested man had a prior connection to Dr. Hooper but did not delve into the details of their relationship.

Importantly, White emphasized that the murder was not a random act, hinting at deeper complexities surrounding the case.

Ongoing Investigation and Break-In

Despite progress in their investigation, Dr. Hooper’s home faced another unsettling incident.

A day after the release of the person of interest, at least one suspect unlawfully entered the multi-million dollar residence through a window.

Fortunately, nobody was present during the break-in, and it remains uncertain if anything was stolen.

Community Remembrance

Dr. Hooper was well-regarded within his community and earned recognition as one of Detroit’s leading neurological surgeons in 2008.

Ascension Michigan Hospital, where he worked, issued a statement expressing their grief and extending condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

Neighbors and patients alike recalled Dr. Hooper as a kind and dedicated professional.

The community paid tribute to his memory on a Facebook page dedicated to him, highlighting his exceptional medical skills and genuine care for his patients.

Personal Tragedy

Dr. Hooper, originally from Indiana, is survived by his father and six sisters.

Tragically, his mother, Lauretta Hoover, passed away just four days after her son’s murder, compounding the family’s grief.


The murder of Dr. Devon Hooper is a distressing and puzzling case that has gripped the community.

The recent developments indicating a potential suspect offer hope for closure and justice.

As the investigation unfolds, the community continues to mourn the loss of a respected and beloved figure in the medical field.

The circumstances surrounding Dr. Hooper’s death serve as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of individuals, even those in esteemed professions, and the importance of thorough law enforcement efforts in solving such cases.

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