Poker Terminology: Everything you Need to Know

One of the top games these days? It’s poker! This classic casino game is just as popular as some of the most exciting video games out there. 

Not only is it fun to play and a strategy-based game, you can also win real money while playing it. And with online casinos becoming more exciting than ever before, more players are getting excited (and really good) at poker

One of the things that puts people off poker, at least at the beginning, is the terminology. If you’ve not played poker before this can feel like a new language and can make it difficult to get into the game. 

In this article we explore some of the top poker terminology and the words you need to know to get our poker game started off on the right foot. 


The ante is how a game gets started. A forced bet which is where all players put an equal amount onto the table before things begin. The ante is played by everyone at the table and can come in the form of cash or chips. 


The pot is the amount that accumulates over the course of the game, and the amount that will be won by the victor of a game. If you’re doing well in a game, you want to keep the pot to build. 


You’ll find this word if you’re playing a game of Texas Hold’em. It’s an amount that’s put into the pot by two players that sit to the left of the dealer. 


This is the event that’s made poker so popular for many. It involves one or more tables, each one beginning with a set amount of poker tips. These days, you can get local tournaments or professional events like the World Series of Poker – probably one of the most well-known tournaments these days. 


This is when a player at the table puts in the minimum amount to keep playing their hand. 

Poker Hands

These are the five cards that you’ll play with in the game. 

High-card Winner

This situation occurs when no one has a strong hand and the person who wins the pot is the one whose hand has the highest card value. 


This is a poker hand that involves two matching cards. Hence – a pair!

Two Pair

It’s an easy one to remember: it’s having two pairs!


The flush means five cards of the same suit, although they’re not in a sequence.


Unlike a flush, these are five cards that exist in a sequence. For example, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Full House

This is when you have a pair that are different, and three of a kind. 

Royal Flush

If you have a Royal Flush, it’s likely that you’re going to have a great game. A Royal Flush is one of the best possible hands that you can have which is an ace-high straight flush. 


You don’t want to show your tell, but you do want to see when other people are doing it. This is what will let other players know how strong or weak your hand might be. 


This is a bluff which can be improved upon if the initial blush isn’t effective. 


If you have the ‘button’ or the plastic disk, that means that you’re the dealer. The button lets players know where the dealer is at the table. 

Burn Card

This is one of the ways that ensures that the game is played fairly. The burn card is the card that sits at the top that’s thrown away (not really, it’s discarded) before each round of betting to make sure that everyone has been done fairly. It’s the responsibility of the dealer to do so!

Community Cards

The community cards are those that are dealt by the dealer that are face up on the table, which all players can see and use to make their hands. 



This is when you end your game as a player and place your cards on the table. It means that you’ll lose everything that you have bet so far.

All In

If you’re feeling confident with your hand, you’ll be going all in! This is a bet when you put all your chips into the pot. 

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