Podcast Shocker: Kisha Chavis Surprises with Cam’ron Massage Revelation

Podcast Surprise: Kisha Chavis Gives Cam’ron a Massage on It Is What It Is

In a surprising turn of events on the latest episode of the podcast “It Is What It Is,” hip-hop artist Mase brought in a special guest, Kisha Chavis, who proceeded to give Cam’ron a massage during the interview conducted by Mase and Treasure Wilson.

Unexpected Massage: Kisha Chavis Takes Center Stage

Kisha Chavis, the wife of former NBA player Joe Smith, made a spontaneous appearance on the podcast, providing a nearly 20-minute massage to Cam’ron.

This unexpected act comes on the heels of a recent viral video featuring Chavis and Smith arguing about her OnlyFans content.

Massage, Trouble, and My Body, My Choice Hats: Chavis Opens Up

Chavis, undeterred by potential controversy, insisted that the massage wouldn’t lead to trouble with her husband.

Explaining the hats she gifted to Mase, Wilson, and Cam’ron, which bore the hashtag “my body my choice,” Chavis referenced her viral video, stating, “I said it’s my body, my f****** choice… I thought might as well capitalize off of it.”

Relationship Revelations: Chavis Speaks Candidly About Her Marriage

Chavis didn’t shy away from discussing her relationship with Joe Smith.

Despite publicized issues, she revealed the complexities, stating, “We’ve had a lot of issues over the last years, not just financially.”

Despite the challenges, Chavis expressed a preference for a fulfilling relationship over wealth, emphasizing, “I would probably take the relationship that I wanted because money doesn’t make you really happy.”

Uncertain Future: Chavis Contemplates Next Steps

Opening up about her husband’s post-NBA life, Chavis shared insights into Smith’s pursuits, including music.

However, she acknowledged the distance in their current relationship, with Smith staying in a hotel.

Uncertain about the future, Chavis mentioned the need for counseling and expressed uncertainty about the possibility of a future relationship with Smith.

Kisha Chavis’ candid revelations provide a glimpse into the complexities of relationships, fame, and personal choices.

Her openness about the challenges she and Joe Smith face adds depth to the public narrative surrounding their lives.

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