Plus-Size Traveler’s Vital Tips for Safe and Comfortable Journeys

Plus-Size Traveler Shares Vital Tips for a Comfortable Journey

Hanna Brandow, a 28-year-old traveler from Brooklyn, New York, who grapples with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a heart condition that accelerates heart rate upon standing, has taken to TikTok to offer valuable advice to fellow travelers, especially those dealing with chronic illnesses and plus-size individuals.

Hanna’s tips aim to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Leaving Ample Time and Staying Cool:

Hanna advises travelers to always allocate enough time for their journeys.

She emphasizes the importance of keeping taxi windows open to prevent discomfort due to heat.

Mask Up and Air Purifier:

Given her medical condition, Hanna consistently wears a mask while traveling, as contracting any illness, including Covid, could have severe consequences.

She further recommends using a mini portable HEPA air purifier when waiting in the airport.

Comfort and Swelling Prevention:

To relieve the strain on her feet and prevent swelling, Hanna elevates her legs on her suitcase and relies on compression socks for added comfort.

She favors comfortable attire, including Crocs and sweatpants.

Snacks, Hydration, and Cooling:

Hanna packs a variety of snacks, including wraps and electrolytes, to stave off hunger and stay hydrated.

She finds a mini fan invaluable for staying cool during the journey.

Seatbelt Extender and Double Mask:

For her safety, Hanna always requests a seatbelt extender on the plane.

She also switches to a double mask during the flight as an extra safety precaution.

Hanna’s video offering these insights has garnered significant attention and engagement on TikTok, with many thankful followers and fellow travelers sharing their own tips and recommendations.

Hanna’s intention is to assist others, particularly those facing chronic health conditions and plus-size travelers, in making their air travel experiences more comfortable and safe.

Hanna emphasizes the challenges she faces due to her condition but is determined not to let it hinder her love for travel.

She acknowledges that not all travel experiences are easy but believes that everyone deserves dignity and respect, regardless of their size.

Hanna also advocates for more spacious airplane seats to accommodate the needs of a broader range of passengers.

While air travel can be challenging for individuals with chronic illnesses and plus-size travelers, Hanna’s tips and advocacy aim to make the journey more manageable and enjoyable for everyone.


Hanna Brandow’s willingness to share her travel tips and experiences on social media is a commendable effort to assist others who may face similar challenges.

Traveling can be daunting for people with chronic illnesses and those of different body sizes, and Hanna’s insights provide valuable guidance.

Hanna’s advocacy for more spacious airplane seats and her call for dignity and respect for all travelers, regardless of their size, highlight important issues within the travel industry.

It’s a reminder that inclusivity and comfort for all passengers should be a priority.

Her willingness to adapt and continue traveling despite her medical condition serves as an inspiration to others who might be hesitant due to health concerns.

Hanna’s story is a testament to the determination and resilience of travelers facing unique challenges.

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