UK Homes Plagued by Rats Amid Bin Collection Delays, Flooding, and Budget Cuts

Surge in Rodent Infestations

Numerous households in Britain are facing rat infestations, exacerbated by delays in bin collections, flooding caused by Storm Henk, and reduced funding for pest control.

Pest expert Mark Moseley reported a significant rise in calls from homeowners returning from the holidays only to find rats invading their properties, attracted by leftover food and overflowing bins.

Causes of the Rat Boom

The reduction in bin collections has led to overflowing bins that attract foxes, subsequently allowing rats to access abundant food sources.

Lockdown measures have also forced rats to seek food in residential areas, leading to an increase in their populations.

Furthermore, heavy rainfall and flooding have displaced rodents from their natural habitats, driving them into homes in search of shelter and sustenance.

Concerns and Infestation Reports

Residents in Glasgow and Swindon voiced their fears of rat infestations due to uncollected bins, while some residents reported sightings of foxes, cats, and rats scavenging through waste.

Local councils, faced with funding gaps, apologized for delays in bin collections and cited reasons such as increased recycling over the festive period and the impact of Storm Henk.

Personal Experiences and Rat Incidents

Notable figures like Trinny Woodall and journalist Caitlin Moran shared their encounters with rodent invasions, describing instances where rats had infested their homes.

Moran detailed a three-month ordeal with rats and even discovered the rodents using her chimney to access the house, prompting drastic measures to seal off entry points.

Expert Advice to Combat Rat Infestations

Mark Moseley advised homeowners to take precautions by managing sources of potential rat attraction, such as catching food from bird feeders, using hardened bin containers, and trimming foliage in gardens to prevent rat habitats.

He also offered further guidance through PestGone Environmental Ltd to address rodent issues.

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