PHOTO: Hero K-9 spotted with escaped inmate, Danelo Cavalante minutes after he sniffed him out.

K-9 Hero Captures Escaped Prisoner Danelo Cavalcante After 2-Week Manhunt

An escaped prisoner, Danelo Cavalcante, who had been on the run for 14 days, was apprehended by law enforcement with the assistance of a K-9. The fugitive, who had managed to evade capture despite an extensive manhunt involving over 500 agents, had terrorized a Pennsylvania community.

Escape from Chester County Prison

Danelo Cavalcante, a 34-year-old serving a life sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, had escaped from Chester County Prison, located 30 miles west of Philadelphia. He accomplished this daring escape on August 31 by crab-walking up a wall.

Repeated Escapes and Manhunt

Despite initial efforts to surround Cavalcante, he had attempted to escape again by crawling through tall grass with a stolen rifle. Law enforcement officers then deployed a police dog to capture him, resulting in the fugitive being bitten and subsequently treated for the injury.

Capture and Photos with Law Enforcement

Cavalcante’s capture took place in a wooded area near South Coventry Township, Pennsylvania, within the updated search perimeter established by the police. Despite being apprehended, Cavalcante had been hiding with the stolen rifle under a pile of logs. After his capture, SWAT officers posed for a photo with him as he was taken into custody.

Relief for Residents

The capture of Danelo Cavalcante brought relief to the residents of southeastern Pennsylvania, who had endured sleepless nights during his time on the run. He had hidden in the woods, broken into suburban homes for food, altered his appearance, and fled amidst gunfire with the stolen rifle.

Thermal Imaging and Ground Forces

Authorities had utilized thermal imaging from an aircraft to identify a possible location, followed by ground forces to capture Cavalcante, according to State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens.

Capture Ends Nightmare

Officials, including Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan, expressed gratitude to law enforcement officials at the regional, state, and federal levels for their tireless efforts. The capture of Cavalcante marked the end of a two-week nightmare for the community.

Multiple Sightings and Homicide Case

Before his capture, there had been multiple sightings of the fugitive within a 759 square mile search area around the prison. Additionally, Cavalcante was wanted in a homicide case in his native country of Brazil, where he had managed to flee in 2017 after killing a student at a food truck stand.

Danelo Cavalcante’s capture concludes a dramatic and extensive manhunt, bringing relief to the community and ensuring that the escaped prisoner faces justice

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