Canadian Tourist Charged with Raping 80-Year-Old Grandmother with Alzheimer’s at Bahamas Resort

New details have surfaced surrounding the disturbing incident at the Warwick Hotel Paradise Island Bahamas, where a 61-year-old Canadian tourist, Gordon Wilkie, has been charged with the abduction and rape of an 80-year-old grandmother with Alzheimer’s.

The shocking incident occurred on January 28, sending shockwaves through the community and prompting calls for justice.

Heroic Intervention by Homeland Security Agent

US Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Tom Justice, coincidentally staying at the same hotel, emerged as a hero in the case.

Agent Justice played a crucial role in locating the victim and restraining Wilkie until Bahamian police could apprehend him.

The heroic actions of Agent Justice have been praised, showcasing a commendable response to a distressing situation.

Warnings Amidst Allegations and Travel Advisory

The alleged assault comes in the wake of a US State Department travel advisory highlighting an increase in murders in the Bahamas.

Recent claims of rape at another Bahamian resort have also fueled concerns about tourist safety.

The victim’s family is now speaking out to demand justice and raise awareness about the risks vulnerable family members may face while traveling.

Accused Canadian Tourist’s Background

Gordon Wilkie, a faculty member at Novia Scotia Community College, specializing in renewable energy, has been placed on leave following his arrest.

His association with a solar-power installation company adds a layer of complexity to the case.

The accused is currently held without bail in the Bahamas, with his attorney yet to respond to inquiries.

Details of the Disturbing Incident

The victim, also Canadian, had no prior connection to Wilkie except for coincidentally staying at the same resort.

According to the victim’s son, David Ahrens, the assault occurred when his sister and mother, on vacation in the Bahamas, became separated on an elevator.

Despite close supervision, the abduction happened swiftly, leading to a desperate search for the elderly woman.

Search Efforts and Arrest

Agent Justice and other guests joined the search for the abducted woman, demonstrating a collective effort to locate her.

Upon the arrival of Bahamian police, Justice played a crucial role in identifying Wilkie and ensuring his immediate arrest.

The victim, despite her Alzheimer’s condition, provided a detailed statement, confirming the sexual assault.

Legal Proceedings and Family’s Reaction

Wilkie faces serious charges and is being held in custody, denied bail. The victim’s family, determined to seek justice, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover medical and legal expenses.

The family’s call for ‘full justice’ reflects their commitment to holding the accused accountable for his actions and safeguarding vulnerable travelers in the future.

Homeland Security Praises Agent Justice

The Homeland Security Investigations field office in Charlotte issued a statement commending Agent Justice for his exceptional actions in protecting the welfare of others.

The agency recognizes Justice’s commitment to the highest standards, emphasizing the significance of his intervention in the case.

Legal Proceedings and Ongoing Concerns

Wilkie’s court appearance on February 2 marked the beginning of legal proceedings. Denied bail, he can apply for consideration, with a court date set for May 29.

The victim’s family hopes for a swift and just trial, emphasizing the potential danger posed by the accused individual and the importance of his continued incarceration.

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