Photographer Refutes Allegations of High-Speed Car Chase Involving Prince Harry and Meghan

Photographer Refutes Allegations of High-Speed Car Chase Involving Prince Harry and Meghan

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. A photographer, who requested to remain anonymous, has come forward to refute claims that Prince Harry and Meghan were driving at high speeds during the alleged “near catastrophic” car chase through the streets of New York.


In an interview with Good Morning Britain’s chief correspondent Richard Gaisford, the photographer shared their account of the incident.

Initially, there were hopes among the photographers that the couple would head to a restaurant after leaving the theatre.

However, the photographer described the experience as tense, trying to keep up with the vehicles while facing numerous blocking maneuvers intended to impede their work.

The Role of the Driver

According to the anonymous photographer, the driver’s actions contributed significantly to the perceived danger.

The photographer stated that they would have been trailing far behind, traveling at a much slower pace (around 20mph) than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were allegedly going 80mph.

The photographer attributed the potentially hazardous circumstances to the driver’s desire to speed, change lanes recklessly, and disregard traffic rules.


Feeling helpless, the photographer expressed discomfort with the notion of high-speed chases, particularly when spanning such long distances.

The Sussexes’ Statement

The Sussexes’ spokesperson released a statement addressing the incident.

The statement described the car chase as a “near catastrophic” event, attributing it to an aggressive group of paparazzi.

Lasting over two hours, the pursuit reportedly resulted in several close calls, involving other drivers, pedestrians, and even two NYPD officers.

While acknowledging the public’s interest in public figures, the statement emphasized that such attention should never compromise anyone’s safety.

Insights from Security Experts

Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard of the Duke of Sussex, appeared on the program to discuss the security measures in place for high-profile celebrities like Prince Harry and Meghan.

Wharfe expressed sympathy for the current security team, as they have not previously dealt with such high-profile individuals.

He stressed the importance of professional stage management in situations like these, pointing out that expert advice should be sought to handle such encounters effectively.


Different Perspectives and Trauma Response

MP Jess Phillips took to Twitter to share her personal perspective on the incident.

She highlighted the potential trauma response individuals may have based on their past experiences.

Phillips referred to the tragic death of a friend in a paparazzi chase, emphasizing how such events can evoke fear and hyper-vigilance.

She acknowledged that what may seem trivial to some can have a profound impact on those who have suffered loss or trauma.


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