K1 De Ultimate’s Band Members Reportedly Abscond in the UK

K1 De Ultimate’s Band Members Go Missing in the UK

Two members of the band associated with popular Fuji musician Wasiu Ayinde, widely known as ‘K1 De Ultimate,’ have reportedly disappeared in the United Kingdom (UK).

The band members were in the UK for a scheduled performance at an event when they mysteriously vanished, leaving their whereabouts unknown.

Band Boys on the Run

According to Nigerian journalist Seun Oloketuyi, who disclosed this development, the lead guitarist and the keyboardist from K1 De Ultimate’s band are currently on the run after entering the UK.

Their unexplained disappearance has raised concerns within the music industry.

Singer Reports the Incident to UK Police

Seun Oloketuyi also mentioned that K1 De Ultimate, the renowned Fuji musician, has taken the necessary steps to report the incident to the UK police.

The disappearance of key members of the band has prompted a formal investigation into their whereabouts.

Afrobeats Music Declared “Trash” Without Orezi

In a separate development, Nigerian musician Esegine Orezi Allen, widely known by his stage name Orezi, boldly declared that Afrobeats music is of no value without his contribution.

During an interactive session with Gehn Gehn TV, Orezi asserted his unique position in the music industry.

Orezi’s Bold Claims and Upcoming Return

Despite not releasing music for some time, the 37-year-old artist from Delta State expressed his individuality by refusing to conform to industry norms.

Orezi confidently stated that he would make a comeback and dominate the Nigerian music scene once again.

Describing Himself as a “Lion”

Orezi, famously known for his hit track ‘Shoki,’ likened himself to a lion in the music jungle, hinting at his upcoming single, which he believes will be a massive hit.

His statements have generated interest and anticipation within the music community as fans await his return.

The mysterious disappearance of K1 De Ultimate’s band members in the UK and Orezi’s bold claims about his impact on Afrobeats add an intriguing dimension to the Nigerian music scene.

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