PGMP’s Pioneering Mentorship Program to Forge Future Global Leaders

Empowering Global Youth: The Prestigious Global Foreign Mentorship Program (PGMP)

The Prestigious Global Foreign Mentorship Program (PGMP), formerly known as WAFMP, stands as a beacon for transformative leadership, aiming to identify, train, mentor, and deploy exceptional leaders into politics, business, and civil service.

Targeting youths aged 18-35, particularly those whose voices have long been unheard—such as the extremely marginalized, people of color, and the socioeconomically disadvantaged—the PGMP seeks to break decades of silence and empower the underrepresented.

The PGMP’s mission reflects a commitment to inclusivity and social empowerment, addressing the historical marginalization of certain voices.

By focusing on the overlooked youth demographic, the program aspires to foster global leaders who can drive positive change across diverse sectors.

Global Empowerment Through GELA Skillup-360 Project

The GELA Skillup-360 project, an integral part of PGMP, has expanded its reach to include youths from all continents and regions worldwide.

Notably, the initiative aims to select 80-100 participants globally, ensuring a balanced representation across continents.

Valued at 100 USD per participant, the program, driven by a passion for positive transformation, has been made largely free for the most dedicated individuals eager to embark on a journey toward greatness.

The inclusion of participants from all corners of the globe underscores the program’s commitment to diversity and the cultivation of a global network of leaders.

By providing free access to those who are truly passionate, the PGMP opens doors for individuals who may not have had such opportunities otherwise.

Eligibility and Benefits: Nurturing Leadership Potential


  • Applicant should be aged less than 35 years.
  • Access to the internet.
  • Willingness to learn, embrace diversity, and expand networks.
  • Willing to enroll and fill the Pre-assessment form.


  • Soft-skills training.
  • Self-image and character remodeling.
  • Internationally recognized certification.
  • Virtual foreign exposure.
  • Assignment to an international mentor for a 3-month curriculum-based learning, certified by GELA, a United Nations-affiliated social enterprise.
  • Post-completion internship/job placement.

The eligibility criteria and benefits highlight the program’s emphasis on not just academic qualifications but also a willingness to learn, diversity appreciation, and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

The offerings, including mentorship and job placement, aim to provide a comprehensive developmental experience.

Application Process and Deadline: Paving the Way to Greatness

The selection process hinges on the passion and distinction showcased by applicants in their form submissions.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to provide detailed responses, substantiated with evidence demonstrating their leadership potential.

The application deadline is set for January 31, 2024, with the program scheduled to run from February 1 to April 30, 2024.

The emphasis on a thorough application process reinforces the program’s commitment to identifying and nurturing individuals with genuine leadership potential.

The deadline provides aspiring participants with a clear timeframe to prepare and submit their applications.

In Conclusion: Unlocking Potential, One Leader at a Time

The PGMP, through its comprehensive approach and global perspective, emerges as a catalyst for positive change.

By offering mentorship, training, and international exposure, it aims to unlock the potential of underrepresented youth, fostering a new generation of leaders poised to make a lasting impact on a global scale.

As the deadline approaches, the PGMP invites passionate individuals to seize this transformative opportunity and embark on a journey toward greatness.

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