Peter Obi Applauds Renaming of Anambra Airport in Honor of Chinua Achebe

Peter Obi Commends Governor Soludo for Renaming Anambra Airport After Chinua Achebe

The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate in the February 25th election, Peter Obi, has expressed his appreciation for Anambra State Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s decision to rename the state’s International Passenger and Cargo Airport in honor of the late Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe.

This move, made during the Independence Day parade marking Nigeria’s 63rd anniversary, is seen as a fitting tribute to Achebe’s enduring contribution to human civilization.

A Fitting Tribute to Chinua Achebe

Governor Soludo’s decision to rename the airport received praise from Peter Obi, who described it as a “delightful and welcome development.”

Obi emphasized that Chinua Achebe deserves such honor from both the state and the nation.

The former Governor of Anambra State noted that this decision aligns with the state’s practice of naming public institutions after outstanding citizens and national heroes.

Aligning with a Tradition of Honoring Heroes

Peter Obi highlighted that the renaming of the Anambra International Cargo and Passenger Airport to Chinua Achebe International Airport is consistent with the state government’s tradition of honoring exceptional individuals.

He cited examples such as the public arena named after former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, Chukwuemeka Odumegu Ojukwu University, the State Library named after Prof. Kenneth Dike, and the science block at CKC Onitsha named the Prof. Chike Obi Building.

Telling Our Own Stories

Obi also noted that Chinua Achebe’s recognition aligns with Achebe’s exhortation that we must tell our own stories.

By telling his own story so effectively, Achebe also conveyed the stories of Anambra and Nigeria as a whole.

Thus, this renaming serves as a befitting memorial to the literary icon.

Peter Obi concluded by congratulating the Achebe Family for this bestowed honor and commending Governor Charles Soludo for the timely and fitting decision.