Singer Asake Opens Up About Being ‘Too Humble’ and the Lessons Learned

Singer Asake Opens Up About Being ‘Too Humble’ and the Lessons Learned


Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as Asake, a renowned singer, has recently shared insights into his personal experiences, shedding light on how excessive humility can be misconstrued and undervalued in the entertainment industry.

Asake’s Revelation:

In a viral video, Asake engaged in a candid conversation with friends, expressing his belief that humility, to him, seems like a “waste of time.” He highlighted instances where he felt people took advantage of his humility, prompting him to reassess the value of being excessively humble.

The Preference for Ego:

Asake emphasized the contrasting perception of individuals who exude ego compared to those who display humility.

According to the artist, being too humble can lead to being taken for granted, while possessing a certain level of ego creates an aura of inaccessibility that tends to garner more appreciation.

Personal Reflections:

Drawing from personal encounters, Asake shared instances where he attempted to let others define his character through humility, only to find that it wasn’t fully appreciated.

The artist’s reflections provide a glimpse into the complexities of navigating the entertainment industry, where striking a balance between humility and self-assuredness becomes crucial.

Life as a Perception:

Asake concluded his perspective by asserting that life is ultimately about one’s perception. He encouraged individuals, especially those in the artistic realm, to focus on their work and let their actions speak louder than outward displays of humility.

The narrative suggests a nuanced understanding of how the entertainment landscape perceives personalities based on their demeanor.

Takeaway Lesson:

Asake’s revelation sparks a contemplative discussion on the dynamics of humility and ego in the entertainment industry.

The singer’s journey serves as a valuable lesson for aspiring artists, encouraging them to navigate the delicate balance between humility and self-assurance in a world where perceptions play a significant role in shaping careers.

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