People react as Wizkid accidentally collides with a car while leaving a club with Burna Boy

Night of Revelry: Burna Boy and Wizkid’s Club Experience

On the electrifying night of December 31st, music icons Burna Boy and Wizkid painted the town red at a club in Lagos, indulging in an evening of celebration and joy.

Unexpected Departure: A Viral Video Emerges

Yet, a viral video surfaced, capturing the two crooners departing the revelry hub early in the morning of January 1st, drawing attention to their exit.

Wizkid’s Online Frenzy: Speculations and Surprises

In the wake of the video, Wizkid became the focal point of online chatter when he was spotted smoking while leaving the venue.

Speculations arose about his potential inebriation, especially after an accidental encounter with a stationary vehicle led to his companions assisting him.

Mixed Reactions and Internet Banter

As the duo made their exit, they were showered with praises and adoration from their fans.

However, the online sphere was abuzz with various reactions to the video, each offering a unique perspective on the artists’ late-night escapade.

Internet Banter Unleashed: Reactions Galore

The video prompted a flurry of reactions from fans and onlookers, each offering their take on the scene:

  • @big_bellarobert humorously noted Wizkid’s obliviousness, jesting about his need to be redirected.
  • kaynicebaby_ quipped about Wizkid’s late-night activities, adding a touch of humor to the situation.
  • pablosnicks highlighted Wizkid’s navigation mishap, prompting concerns for his direction.
  • frank_montana speculated on the artists’ prolonged party hours, suggesting they needed more time than the usual 24 hours.
  • temijosh_22 praised Wizkid’s endurance, lauding his commitment to the late-night festivities.
  • corygrafix expressed concern about the artists’ prolonged stay at the club, deeming it irresponsible.
  • adiesbluebitee humorously connected Wizkid’s actions with his affinity for smoking.
  • gboko_900 humorously commented on Wizkid’s stature and his association with smoking.

The online reactions varied from amusement to concern, showcasing the diverse perspectives and humor surrounding the escapades of these music icons.

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