Pennsylvania man finds rare purple pearl in Delaware clam

Pennsylvania man finds rare purple pearl in Delaware clam

When a Pennsylvania guy discovered a priceless rare purple pearl embedded within one of the clams he was eating while on a family vacation at a Delaware beach resort, he was overjoyed.

The unnamed tourist was almost done with his dinner when he discovered the priceless gem while eating at Salt and Air in Rehoboth, Delaware.

According to Fox5 News, the man claimed to have “felt something hard and crunchy” while he was eating.

Because of its “bright, lavender, almost purple hue,” he said that at first he assumed it was “a bead, or a piece of candy,” even adding that it looked “like one of those button candies that comes on the paper.”

He said that upon closer inspection, he saw that the shell “had a small depression where something was developing.” And he said, “It was a perfect fit when I put the pearl into the indentation!”

He remarked that the pearl “fit perfectly within the shell” and that it was perfectly spherical.

Google is how he discovered that the price of a pearl might range between $600 to $1,600 depending on its size and form.

He turned to the professionals, GIA, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls, to learn more about his treasure: projected to be $4,071. He remained mum on his intentions for the gem.

He said, “Not bad for a bowl of clams on vacation.” He remarked, “We didn’t expect to come back with anything like this. We went on vacation expecting to bring back a T-shirt or a mug, instead our kids received some hermit crabs.

»Pennsylvania man finds rare purple pearl in Delaware clam«

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