1xBet Faces Backlash as Two Men Demand N137 Million Winnings

Unsettling Complaints Surface

Two young men express frustration as they allege that 1xBet has refused to pay them a substantial sum of N137 million in winnings.

Betting Gone Wrong

The men claim to have wagered N93 million and N44 million, respectively, on the platform, only to face difficulties in receiving their winnings.

Excuses and Controversy

1xBet reportedly cites an error in odds generated by a staff member as the reason for withholding the payout, leading to heated demands from the aggrieved winners.

Proof in Screenshots

In a bid to support their claims, the complainants share screenshots of their betting slips as evidence of their substantial bets and rightful winnings.

Celebrity Backlash

Celebrities, including Okon Lagos and Timi Dakolo, join the outcry, urging 1xBet to honor the winnings and pay the aggrieved individuals.

Questioning 1xBet’s Integrity

Netizens express skepticism and call out the betting company for its handling of the situation, with some questioning the integrity of the odds generation process.

Influencers and Accountability

Criticism extends to influencers promoting 1xBet, with comments suggesting that influencers should take responsibility for endorsing the platform.

Legal Action Suggestions

Commenters advise the aggrieved winners to seek legal counsel to address the alleged discrepancies and ensure the rightful payment of their winnings.

Public Scrutiny Intensifies

As the controversy unfolds, 1xBet faces increased scrutiny from the public, with demands for transparency and fairness in their dealings with customers.

Industry Reckoning

The incident prompts discussions about the need for accountability and fair practices within the betting industry, as users highlight the potential risks and challenges faced by bettors.

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