Partner Complains of Being a Personal Photographer to wife while on Vacation

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. A Reddit user posted about their frustration at having to take numerous photos of their wife while on vacation.

The user explained that the wife frequently requested multiple photos and berated the user if the picture was “ugly” or if the user did not try hard enough to take a good picture.

Hispanic man photographing girlfriend on remote road
Hispanic man photographing girlfriend on remote road

The situation proved draining for the user, especially if the wife blamed them for the resulting snaps.

Additionally, the user enjoyed being in the moment and experiencing something new without interruptions, but taking photos took precedence for the wife.

The post drew a considerable number of responses from fellow Reddit users.

While some suggested practical solutions like buying the wife a selfie stick or investing in a carbon fibre tripod, others advised the user to take as many pictures as possible and let the wife slowly review them.

Some responses were more empathetic, highlighting the importance of showing enthusiasm when taking pictures to avoid straining the relationship with one’s partner.


Man taking photo
Man taking photo

However, other users criticized the wife for being self-centred and suggested that the user put their foot down.

Analysis and Commentaries

The Reddit post highlights the tension that can arise between partners over taking photos on vacation.

On the one hand, taking photos can be an enjoyable way to document one’s experiences and memories.

On the other hand, constantly interrupting the trip to take pictures can be disruptive and detract from the overall experience.

Moreover, having to take photos of one’s partner repeatedly can strain the relationship, especially if the partner is overly critical of the resulting snaps.

In this case, the wife seemed to be more interested in capturing the perfect picture than enjoying the trip with her partner.

The husband, however, valued being in the moment and taking in the experience.


The differing perspectives on how to enjoy the vacation led to frustration for both parties.

Finding a balance between taking photos and experiencing the moment is essential to ensuring that both partners have a good time.

In conclusion, the post highlights the importance of communication and compromise in relationships.

Couples should discuss their preferences regarding taking photos on vacation and find a way to accommodate each other’s needs.

Furthermore, being empathetic and understanding of one’s partner’s perspective can help to avoid unnecessary conflict.


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