Suspect Sagou Gouno Kassogue in Custody After Backpack Fire and Knife Rampage at Gare de Lyon

Suspect Sagou Gouno Kassogue in Custody After Backpack Fire and Knife Rampage at Gare de Lyon

Backpack Ignited, Knife Unleashed: Chaos Unfolds at Gare de Lyon

Sagou Gouno Kassogue, a 32-year-old individual, found himself in custody in Paris after orchestrating a terror attack at Gare de Lyon.

The assailant set his backpack ablaze, sending shockwaves through the crowd, and subsequently embarked on a knife-slashing rampage, leaving three victims hospitalized.

The chaotic incident unfolded shortly after 8 am, with passengers witnessing the horrifying sequence of events.

The initial victim suffered severe stomach wounds, with two others sustaining slight injuries.

Mental Health Struggles: A Troubled Background Emerges

Kassogue, originally from Mali, arrived in Italy in 2016 and obtained a residence permit while pursuing an asylum claim.

Reports indicate that he grappled with severe mental health issues, prompting authorities to consider his visit to a psychiatrist in Turin over the weekend.

While the investigation currently focuses on “attempted murder,” there is no indication of prior criminal history or ties to terrorist groups in Kassogue’s background.

Online Expressions of Discontent: TikTok Account Raises Questions

A notable aspect under scrutiny is Kassogue’s online presence, particularly a TikTok account where he expressed discontent and anger, specifically targeting France for its perceived colonialism.

Although the authenticity of the account is yet to be verified, investigators are keenly analyzing Kassogue’s posts, where he criticizes French military presence in Mali, denouncing what he labels as ‘colonialism.’

Despite security sources highlighting his regular online expressions of anger, there are no immediate signs of religiosity.

Gare de Lyon Evacuated: No Immediate Terror Connection

The Gare de Lyon, the second busiest station in France accommodating up to 150 million passengers annually, was promptly evacuated following the attack.

All services were canceled as a precautionary measure. While the incident raises concerns, Paris police prefect Laurent Nuñez emphasized that, as of now, there are no indications suggesting a terrorist act.

Kassogue’s active residence permit, issued in 2019, adds another layer to the ongoing investigation.

Pattern of Knife Attacks: A Disturbing Trend in France

This terror attack echoes a disturbing trend in France, where violent extremists linked to Islamist groups have carried out knife attacks over the past decade.

Recent incidents include the killing of a teacher in Arras by a radicalized Chechen national in October 2023 and the beheading of Samuel Paty, a history teacher, by a Chechen refugee in the Paris suburbs in 2022.

As investigators delve into the motives behind Kassogue’s actions, France remains vigilant against such acts of violence.

Investigation Underway: No Immediate Terror Connection

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are diligently examining Kassogue’s background, online activities, and potential motives.

The absence of immediate terror connections, coupled with the assailant’s troubled mental health history, raises questions about the underlying factors driving such attacks.

Paris remains on alert as law enforcement agencies collaborate to uncover the complete picture surrounding this shocking incident at Gare de Lyon.

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